10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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KathyAl did a great job of reviewing this. I just wanted to add my own impressions. I love a good band workout, and this one was no exception. The DVD comes with the band, but I'm sure you can substitute any that you already have if bought used. Like all 10 Minute DVD's, you can customize or play all. Not sure if I would miss a hidden warmup (as I've had happen with some KCM workouts), I customized but I selected all segments. Like other 10 Minute DVD's, it's a little annoying that every time I select a workout segment, it pops me out a menu and I have to go back in to select the next one. Like the makers created it with the expectation you would only choose one segment.

The segments are as follows:

Arm & Shoulder Sculpt: After a brief and fast-moving warm-up, Amy uses the band for basics like bicep curls, kick backs and shoulder raises. She's full of the goofy charm that I love, asking at one point if our shoulders are burning yet because hers are (mine were on fire at that point, so I was glad to hear I wasn't alone.)

Butt & Thigh Blaster: so appropriately named. After a side squatting, kicking lunging move that doubled as a warm-up, Amy quickly moved on to skater squats with the band. My outer thighs nearly exploded. After some leg lifts and rear kicks, you move to the floor for some donkey kicks and inner/outer thigh work. This includes a unique boat pose that works your inner thighs. This is the segment you are most likely to need your remote handy for. Amy moves fast so if like me you are putzing with the band when it gets stuck on your sneaker tread, you'll get left behind quickly.

Total Body Tone: More compound moves in this segment, as you might expect. Lunges with bicep curls, squat shoulder raises, etc. It includes a squat/v step type of move that I just loved. This segment also ends with floor work, including an ingeniously evil boat/bicycle move with the band.

Sleek and Sexy Abs: Some of these segment names annoy me. I can definitely build stronger abs, but I know longer have the expectation nor need for them to be sexy. Anyways, half standing/half sitting. The floor work included another bicycle move (ACK! Another one?) that I might have just skipped over, since I did that in another segment. This is followed by some upper and lower ab moves with the band. The segment ends with supermans for the lower back and a quick stretch.

10 Minute Stretch: great, relaxing athletic type stretches using the band. This is just stretching, no toning work thrown in. My inner thighs and calves especially felt great.

This was a solid entry in the 10 Minute series for me. Like the others I've enjoyed (like Kelli Roberts' Kickboxing Bootcamp), the short segments trick you into thinking time is passing quickly. Other than the abs segment (kind of hate doing abs, in case you couldn't tell), I never checked the running time.

Instructor Comments:
As Kathy said in her review, Amy is goofy but not over the top peppy. She definitely does have a mischievous glint in her eyes at times. She cues well, but doesn't always advance cue. She does mirror cue. She's very comfortable and fun on camera.



Iím reviewing this workout after doing it in its entirety twice.

General workout breakdown: As with all 10 Minute Solution videos, this DVD contains 5 separate 10-min. sections, each with their own focus.
- Arm & Shoulder Sculpt begins with a quick warm-up of reaching up, sweeping to side, shoulder rolls, and quick shoulder stretch. Exercises include scapular press, bent over row, biceps & deadlift-like move, shoulder roll & triceps kickback, and triceps push-up. You end with triceps and shoulder stretches.
- Butt & Thigh Blaster begins with a warm-up of squat, lunge, kick front, squat walk, and side lunge with arm reach. Exercises include skater squat, standing leg lift to side & back, pendulum, donkey kicks, childís pose, v-sit with x-wrap while moving legs out & in, side-lying single leg lift, and bridge w/ heels up & then knees in & out. You end with knees to chest, hurdlerís stretch, butterfly, and seated forward bend w/ legs in front.
- Total Tone Body Zone begins with a warm-up of side bends, punches, rolling through back, side to side lunges, and static hamstring stretches. Exercises include lunge w/ front shoulder raise + kick w/ reverse pull, side squat w/ overhead press, triceps press back into squat up, v squat forward & back (the squat walk from Butt & Thigh Blasterís warm-up), chest press forward w/ side leg lift & squat, biceps curl & overhead triceps extension, bicycle in v-sit, and lift & lower in boat. You end with seated crossed leg forward bend, reverse plank, and upper back stretch.
- Sleek & Sexy Abs begins with lifting up and down, twisting, each shoulder to knee, back roll, chop, and back stretch. Exercises begin standing with overhead press & side twist and side bend w/ pull down into side bend w/ side leg lift; you then move to the floor for crunch with legs in table, reverse crunch with legs straight overhead, bicycle, lower & lift on back (the Pilates double straight leg stretch) into kick outs while seated, and superman. You end with childís pose and side bends.
- 10 Minute Stretch includes arm raises, shoulder rolls, side bend w/ rotation, hamstring stretch, triceps stretch w/ side bend, reclining leg stretches, and butterfly with forward bend.
Amy does several sets right in a row, often switching between tempos or single vs. double limbs, where appropriate, or two different exercises. (In other words, you might do 4 at a slow tempo, then 6 at a fast tempo; do 4 at a slow tempo, then alternate between limbs for 8 fast; or do 2, then do 2 of another exercise). Amy chooses to do more reps of fewer exercises rather than fewer reps of more exercises, unlike on some of the other 10 Minute Solutions.

Level: Iíd recommend this to exercisers with some experience in strength training. This is probably best suited for those working out at the low to mid-intermediate level, although the use of a band with a little less resistance would make this approachable for beginner / intermediates while a band of more resistance would bump this up to high intermediate.

Class: Amy alone, who instructs live.

Music: instrumental with a beat. Itís nice but nothing special.

Set: bright interior space with wood floor and exercise equipment and other accessories along back wall.

Production: super crisp picture, clear sound. The instructorís voice is louder than the music. The camera angles are helpful rather than distracting.

Equipment: a 6í resistance band (one comes with new DVDs; youíll want to choose one of an appropriate resistance for your level) and probably also a mat (or equivalent).

Space Requirements: enough room to move your arms and legs around while standing and lying down and to take a step to each side.

DVD Notes: Amyís introduction can be skipped. As with all of the 10 Minute Solutions, you can play all of the segments in the order they appear, choose one, or create a personalized workout by picking and choosing between the two segments.

Comments: This video would be a good option for someone who canít or doesnít want to use weights for whatever reason, such as travel.
This video has inspired some strong feelings both for and against it. I think itís fine, nice, perfectly acceptable for what it is. (In other words, I donít absolutely love it and want to do it every day, but I donít hate or even dislike it in any way.) I have found it useful in my recovery from an illness, since I could easily choose my workout length and resistance by grabbing higher or lower on the band or by using bands of different strengths. Yeah, there are a few ďlookie what I can do with the bandĒ moves, but Iíd say the same is true for many of the other band workouts Iíve tried have moments like that, especially in stretch portions.
Since this video came out about the same time as 10 Minute Solution Slim & Sculpt Pilates, Iíll just offer a few thoughts on the two. Obviously the major difference between the two workouts using the resistance band is that the Pilates one uses Pilates exercises while the Tone one uses more gym-style or athletic exercises. Slim & Sculpt uses few reps in more exercises, while Trouble Zones uses more reps in fewer exercises. Slim & Sculpt doesnít really have a quick warm-up for each segment, but both end with a quick stretch or two. I like both of these, as each has their place in my collection, but my affinity to Pilates and fairly large collection of gym-style weights workouts might make me lean towards Slim & Sculpt Pilates.

Instructor Comments:
Amy has a pleasant, encouraging personality. She includes a decent amount of form tips but not a ton of form instruction. Amy mirror cues. She seems to be having a good time but isnít super peppy, over the top, etc. She might have too much personality for some people, however: thereís a bit of a mischievous glint in her eye as she urges you to keep going, and she says a few goofy things like telling you to put your hand on your arm to feel your sizzling hot muscles. As with all of the 10 Minute Solutions, one major focus for motivation is results, specifically in your appearance.