Yes Stepmother Dear V

Beth Canno-Shields

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Despite the corny title, this is a blast. It has approximately 45 minutes of cardio, with a cooldown/stretch afterward, for a total of about 50-55 minutes. The warmup consists of doing the steps you'll be doing in the routine, and it is aerobic as well, so I included that in the 45 minutes.

The first thing I should mention is this is not a high-class production. The sound quality is not the greatest; in fact, at the very beginning, for a couple of minutes or so, you might have a hard time understanding what she's saying. It does get better, but it's not your typical store-bought video. The picture quality is not the best either. I'd call it a step below the CIA quality. If these things bother you, then don't get this tape. However, I find it so much fun that I can easily overlook those things.

The class is vertical step, so you have your step pointed toward the TV. Beth and the other class participants are facing away from you. She starts off in the warmup, as I mentioned, by going over the steps that will appear in the routine. There are "normal" things, like hamstring repeaters, mambos, etc., and then there are some really cool things I've never seen before. You'll learn a reverse hook, slingshot, reverse shooter, and other fun things. I won't attempt to describe them, because they probably wouldn't make sense anyway.

When you're actually doing the routine, she incorporates variations on the steps. There are 4 or 5 different "sub-routines" that use all the steps you've learned, with a twist here and there. Some parts make me feel like I'm flying. I especially like the reverse hook and reverse shooter. After you've learned the sub-routines, she takes it from the top twice. The first time, she does it as you would expect, routine #1 on left side, routine #1 on right side, etc. The second time, she weaves the routines, so you do #1 on the left, #2 on the left, etc., then you go back through doing it all on the right.

I really enjoy this tape, but it is advanced and might not be for everyone. I give it an A.

Instructor Comments:
Beth is great. I love her personality, her routine, her cueing, and her creativity. She also seems like a "normal," down-to-earth person you could have fun with.

This is a Shaped 2 Fit video, and like their others, this one is poor production quality. You can see and hear fine, but the picture is grainy. So if that bothers you, do not get this video!

That out of the way, this is a very good, fun workout. There is no warm-up or cooldown, just 45 minutes of stepping. The first part is done with your step in vertical position, and then the second part is horizontal.

Beth has a knack for putting together the most interesting patterns. You find yourself doing a *lot* of choreography, but you don't have any trouble following her because of her excellent cueing. There are even moves with your back to the TV where you don't have to turn around and look, because she tells you exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.

There is one part, however, where someone new to Beth might have a little trouble. That is on the horizontal section, where she does a move that she has used in earlier videos. OH MY GOSH, I've gone brain-dead. I can't think of the name of it! But you'll know it when you get to it, because she tells you it's from earlier videos. It's reverse-something. I had no trouble with it, because I also have her volume IV where she does it. But don't worry, watch her once or twice, and you'll have it. This is advanced choreography, and so not everyone will like it. I'd call it intermediate/advanced intensity. The moves are not dancy, but they change quickly, so you have to be used to a lot of different choreography.

I'm rating this a B+, but only because I liked her volume IV better, and because there is no warmup or cooldown.

I adore Beth. I hope she breaks out of the Shaped 2 Fit arena, and starts making some videos that are better-produced. She is *so* good at both choreography and instructing.

Annie S.