Yes Stepmother Dear IV

Beth Canno-Shields

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Yes, Stepmother Dear IV features Beth and 3 participants (2 men and 1 woman). The setting is a club, with the instructor and participants facing a mirror (so the viewer sees both their fronts and backs). The step is placed in a vertical position as opposed to horizontal (the *usual* step position).

Because this is a training video, there is no warmup or floorwork, just straight stepping. Beth teaches a series of moves in the beginning (including mambo straddles, reverse hooks, revolving door moves,slingshots, double attitudes, reverse shooters, etc ) and then takes all the moves learned and puts them together in a series of patterns. They are definitely challenging when all put together and lots of fun. She repeats the patterns enough that the participant catches on. I would rank this video to be advanced in choreography and also a great workout (once you get the moves down!) I think people doing this video will feel quite a sense of accomplishment when completing!

Beth makes the workout enjoyable and it's refreshing to see a video where the instructor and participants aren't *perfect* (ie: they mess up sometimes!) The entire video runs 50 minutes. The music is standard aerobic music...not real loud, but loud enough to hear the beat. It features a comination of top-40, hip-hop and some salsa thrown in for added spice!! Excellent video!

Instructor Comments:
Beth Canno-Shields is a very straight-forward, calm instructor (ie: no "whooping"), which I appreciate. Her cueing is excellent and she breaks down the moves well. She uses both verbal and directional cues (using her fingers or hands to point). Because this video is a "homemade" video, the sound quality sometimes makes it a little difficult to hear what she says. However, she does the moves often enough that it is pretty easy to catch on. She has a great rapport with the participants in her video and they appear to be having a lot of fun.