UnBasic Training

Melissa Layne

Categories: Step Aerobics

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You can expect an SCW Fitness video to have so-so production values and generic music, but more often than not SCW showcases instructors who are very good.

This was a very enjoyable, solid kickbox-flavored step workout. V-steps plus elbow strikes, step mambos plus hooks, and basic steps plus kicks on the step all help to up the intensity and creativity of the 30 minutes.

The pace is just right for a solid intermediate intensity. Six short combos are built up on each side. Moves include hamstrings halfway around the world, then over the top; step onto the step into roundhouse, two steps, roundhouse on other leg; knee up on corner then walk around the step doing speedbag; turn-step-straddle twice, then kick the corners; basic step to the side, then two knee smashes on the step, then lunge side to side. Nothing is very high-impact.

I really liked this workout - there are so few fully step-kickbox workouts out there. This somewhat reminded me of that CIA classic Kick-Up Step.

Instructor Comments:
This is my first experience with Melissa. I thought she was a very competent instructor and quite personable. It was a very positive first impression. Above-average cuing and down-to-earth.