Streamlined Step

Barbara McDermott
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This is a very entertaining tape. Alot of choreographic interest. Divided into sections with weight training segments inbetween. Music's ok. Some instructors have a way of keeping your interest which is hard to define. Barb is one of those instructors. I hope she does more videos. Intermediate/Advanced coreography.

Jane Cameron


This is a circuit-style workout, where you alternate stepping with toning/strengthening. I rank it as intermediate level. I think there are many who would love this tape, but as an advanced exerciser, I didn't find it challenging enough. For intermediates and beginners looking for a tape with room to grow, this could be a great choice.

Barbara is just a delight. She's friendly and extremely likeable, but at the same time no-nonsense. Her cueing is very clear, and her form is wonderful. She has the professionalism of Karen Voight, and the friendliness of Cathe Friedrich and Kari Anderson.

I'd give this workout a C+ for advanced level exercisers, but I think intermediate exercisers would rate it much higher.

Instructor Comments:
Barbara is awesome! I would love to have an advanced workout by her. I know it would be great!

Annie S.