Step Strong and Stable

Abbie Appel
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Strong and Stable Step is an interval step workout for high intermediate/advanced participants. Using low impact but complex choreography (Abbie herself uses a 4 inch step), Abbie begins each combination with the more basic moves then adds layers, such as spins, straddles and moves off the bench. (each layer gets more intricate, you choose the version best suited for your fitness level) Abbie and Lindsey do the more complex moves, while Carol shows all modifications throughout the workout.

A perfect blend of dancy and athletic moves, Abby often combines floor combinations within the step. Using 4 total combos's, you'll spin and twist using all areas of the step. Each block has unique step variations, then an athletic drill followed by a quick strength/balance segment (still keeping the heart rate up to burn fat and calories). The last cardio segment is all cardio stepping (no drills) and puts all the step combinations together.

She uses lots of rhythmn changes. She'll add layers several times, changing each to add complexity. If you love advanced choreography that's complex, you'll enjoy this workout!

Instructor Comments:

Abbie had great cueing and I thought she was a natural in front of the camera. I hope to see her in other workouts! (for some reason, I picture her as a great weight training lead)