Drive to Fitness

Cyndi Targosz

Categories: Special Health Conditions
- Audio Workout

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You're supposed to use this audiotape while driving to either make good use of "dead time" or to loosen up a little while driving for long periods. If you can get past the obnoxious voice and actually do the exercises, you are sure to either wreck your car and/or cause other wrecks. Like when you shimmy to the right and shimmy to the left -- the people in the cars around you will probably start laughing hysterically and lose control of their cars. Or how 'bout those hip rolls? Try doing a hip roll when you're driving. She says to stop your car if you have to. Oh, well why didn't I think of that? -- what could be more natural than stopping your car on, say, I-29 to do hip rolls? After thinking about this tape, I've decided it MUST be meant as a comedy. It must be, right? Do yourself a favor and save your money. However, be forewarned: If you do get this, for days and days, all that will be running through your mind is, "Now SHIMMY to the LEFT and SHIMMY to the RIGHT and SHIMMY to the LEFT and SHIMMY to the RIGHT . . . . ." Grade F.

Cyndi Targosz, who I think of as THE VOICE, acts like she's reading a children's book or telling a story to children. On my first listening, all I could do was wonder if she talks like that in real life.

Annie S.