Cathe Volume 1 Intensity Series

Year Released: 2003

- Audio Workout

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If you love Sim Series, but hate the music, this is the CD for you. It works very well, and adds motivation. You will recognize much of the music from the Cathe “Intensity” series.

If you do Slim Series, you know that Debbie is off the beat. I believe they added the music later, after filming. The Cathe CD isn’t perfectly on the beat all the time. But it comes darn close! This CD is distributed by Dynamix.

67 minutes 130 bpm 32 count

Track1 - “Side Step” U-Turn (5:03)
Track 2 - “Infiltrator” U-Turn (5:39)
Track 3 - “Boom, Boom, Boom” Ministry of Funk (5:54)
Track 4 - “On My Mind” Tina Harris (5:09)
Track 5 - “ABC of Love” Shinequa (4:55)
Track 6 - “Everybody” U-Turn (6:23)
Track 7 - “Compacta” U-Turn (5:53)
Track 8 - “The Rainmaker” Rainmaker (6:23)
Track 9 - “Somebody’s Watching Me” Foundation (4:55)
Track 10 - “Hot Temptation” Deskee (5:39)
Track 11 - “Bass Power” DJ Paul One (5:29)
Track 12 - “Sweet Escape” (stretch) (6:22)

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