Step n Shape

Victoria Johnson
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I wish Victoria had a better company making her videos because the poor production really detracts from her quality instruction. This is a 30 min. work out that starts with some simple step aerobics, and builds to a combo with some turns and jacks if you want them (she shows modifications if you don't). Then you slow down, still stepping, pick up weights, and do some upper and lower body combo toning and then use the step for push ups, tri dips and abs. Then a decent, but short stretch. A fine workout for beginners or new steppers. Not bad for intermediates in a time crunch. She uses the step from beginning to end. She offers lots of options, and has personality to spare (which is good because her exercising duo has none). The video is grainy and looses tracking at times, and sometimes the music fades away. The set is nothing special, but it is fairly attractive, and the music is generic aerobics blend with a funky flavor. Victoria is so friendly and clear, I really wish she had better produced videos to show her qualities. She deserves it.

Instructor Comments:
Victoria is a lot of fun, with tons of enthusiasm. She likes to use some attitude and offers modifications. She has a big, warm smile and comes across as very friendly. I really like her!