Cardio Coach Volume 6

Sean O'Malley
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Treadmill/Elliptical/Running/Stairs
- Audio Workout

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My favorite of all Cardio Coaches. It gets the job done in just under an hour with great music and Sean's signature encouragement and humor, which always come right when I need them. CC6 is great for the treadmill. Depending on my energy level, I'll do the 'sprints' at either running speed on a minimal incline, or fast-walk speed with a high incline. If you follow Sean's cues not to overexert on the Level 3 sections (working hard but not all-out anaerobic pace) and rest when you can, you'll end this workout dripping with sweat and energized rather than spent.

Instructor Comments:
Motivating, funny and the perfect professional. Always a pleasure to put in my earbuds and have Coach Sean coax me through a workout.




Length: 58 minutes (including 7 minute stretch)

Format: (Ch = challenge / SS = steady state)

~ Warm-up (5:28)
~ Ch 1: (21:01) 4 x 3 minutes (2 minutes level 3 HILL, 1 minute level 4 SPRINT) w 2 min rest
~ SS (3:37)
~ Ch 2 (9:47) 5 x 1 minute SPRINTS with 1 minute rest
~ SS (3:04)
~ Ch 3 (4:03) 1 x 4 minute HILL climb with a gradual increase to level 4 for last minute
~ Cool Down (3:54)
~ Stretch (7:15)

I like the format of this workout. I like that the first two challenges have you repeat the intervals 4 and 5 times. And the last challenge is like a little bit extra to finish off with. Also, it has sufficient rest for the intervals so you really can push your self on the hills and sprints.

This workout works great on a treadmill because of the hills. I personally wouldn’t find it to be as much fun outdoors because the hills don’t translate well, but some people enjoy just speeding up for the hills. I personally really enjoy going from a hill to a sprint during the intervals in challenge 1 and I need a treadmill to make that happen.

Instructor Comments:
Everyone seems to LOVE Sean. I like him, but not more than Coach Troy (Spinervals) or even Grace Lazenby. They all have their own styles, and it just depends on my mood. Sean has the most encouraging of styles - although he does push you, it is in a more gentle way.

Lisa C