Step Fusion

David Gray
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This is a real buried treasure. I bought it years ago at Suncoast for $9.00. What a shame that this superb choreography and presentation is marred by Parade's EP format and the sexy young things David has accompanying him. It's such a pleasure when the moves are so aesthetically integrated with the music. This is not an athletic workout, but rather a Kari-like experience where you feel like you're dancing as you work harder than it seems. There's a wide range of music styles, something that keeps my interest and lets me forget I'm exercising.

Instructor Comments:
I honestly think that David Gray ranks up there with Kari, Andre & Patrick. He's upbeat, nice to look at, and moves beautifully. If he's still "in the business", I'd like for some producer to give him the production quality he deserves.



I agree with Karen, the reviewer who said that this tape is fun to do. No, it's not in the category of the Firm in terms of a challenging workout. And no, the tape quality is not the best, as it is rather cheapo and requires fiddling with the tracking.

But David Gray is a lot of fun to work out with. I like the moves, and I can follow the dance steps fairly easily (I am not great with complex choreography, I will admit), and Karen is right -- it is the effort you put into it that makes the difference. I enjoy the music, because I love working out to dance music. The funkier the music, the more motivating for me. I bought Jane Fonda's Lean Routine hoping for something like Funk Factor. Talk about a routine that's hard to follow! If I have to play it every day for a week just to learn the darn routine, it's too complex for me. Variety is what keeps me going with video workouts and I don't like a workout that I can't use just occasionally without forgetting the whole routine. Funk Factor gives me enough danceability to make it fun, and it's simple enough that even an uncoordinated clod like me can follow it.

My rating: B. (Would be a B+ if video quality were better.)

I wanted to share a review with you on a video that I bought recently. It's not by a well known instructor (at least not known by me!) and is not produced by the more well known companies(?), but I found it a pleasant surprise for the price ($8.99). It's called Step Fusion, instructor David Gray. Produced in 1993/1994, by Peter Pan Industries/Parade Video Co. The instructor is personable, clear in his directions and positively enthusiastic. I enjoyed the music because it was there but not overpoweringly loud. Good intermediate speed. The moves are intermediate/advanced but with plenty of room for modification. He gives a good warmup/cool down period as well. I enjoyed the moves - a combination of low impact floor with step moves. The video is 45 minutes. I am glad I've added it to my collection. Perhaps a somewhat unknown "gem".



"David Gray's Step Fusion" (Intermediate-Step Aerobics)

Gray, a pleasant, rhythmic and nicely-built instructor, leads this 30-minute step workout featuring Latin and Caribbean music. The warm-up is far too brief, and is awfully simple compared with what's to come. During the workout itself, Gray introduces funky, somewhat complex steps that he puts together into combinations, separated by periods of marching. Some of the moves are "power" ones, like jumps and leaps onto the step, making the workout quite aerobic. My favorite part is the cooldown, which is backed by a couple of vocal reggae songs. Quibbles: Gray doesn't always use conventional terms like "basic step" and he says "over the top" when he means ACROSS the top. The step position has to be changed twice - but there's no pause to let you adjust the step! There are also a couple of reverse turns and steps forward off the step, which some purists perceive as unsafe. In sum, probably only fans of island music (like myself) would enjoy this video. Tape is extended-play, but production and sound are somewhat better than other EP cheapies. Grade: B-

Sue B