Step Expressions

Deborah Puskarich
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This pure step workout is intermediate-level in intensity with intermediate/advanced choreography. Deborah cues extremely well, better than many better-known instructors. Her choreography, while good, contains a lot of TIFTing and breaking-down of very common moves, such as a cha-cha. Itís as though sheís teaching a public gym class with students of a wide variety of skills. However, since Sara City workouts are supposed to be for instructors, one would think the people trying this video would already know a cha-cha. And if one doesnít know a cha-cha, then this video isnít for them anyway because the choreography gets much harder later. I can see Deborah has a lot of talent and has the potential to rival Franny Bennedetto, Christi Taylor, and other VF favorites Ė she just needs to be aware that weíre not a typical class. All that really didnít bother me too much, but what did bother me is that when she got to the final breakdown of a combo (doing everything once instead of 2 or more times), things got confusing and awkward. They were the same moves, but they didnít seem to flow quite as smoothly. I wonít be keeping this tape, but I am definitely looking forward to what Deborah comes out with in the next few years, because, from what Iíve seen here, I have no doubt she can put out some awesome workouts!

Instructor Comments:

Annie S.


I had really high hopes for this dvd after doing her Contagious Cardio hilo workout. It was a pretty big disappointment. I really liked the choreography (complex, layered, great cuing), but this video suffers from terrible editing and mediocre music. The video starts and stops and the starts don't match up with the stops. I look forward to seeing her in more videos, because she is a very talented instructor.