Step Aerobics for Weight Loss

Ruth Kowallis
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This is a 48 minute step workout designed to help the participant lose weight, hence the title "Step Aerobics for Weight Loss". I've done this workout twice and both times my heart rate was in the ideal fat burning zone. (and it is a real sweat producer!!) 3 different variations of intensity are shown at one time. Ruth demonstrates the more intermediate moves, Kim steps it up a notch by showing all the high intensity options and Kate does the entire workout without any impact at all. The step routine itself consists of 3 segments. Ruth teaches each segment using the build, reduce and repeat method. She builds up the combo, cuts it down and then repeats it. She then takes it all from the top several times. The music is good. I recognized several tunes from other workouts. The setting is outside. The steps are on mats placed on the ground. Ruth is the only one miked so there is no talking/distraction from the background exercisers.

Warmup: The warmup is done entirely on the floor. Marches up and back, side to side touches, grapevines and squats are the most used moves in this segment. A short stretch is offered after this which are all sequenced & easy to follow. The warmup is about 5 minutes in length.

Step Aerobics: Basic step, knee up's, side kicks, mambo's, side steps and across the bench are some of the moves in this segment. These are put into a combo & then broken down into the final product. Ruth then repeats this a few times before going onto section 2. (water breaks are offered after each segment, however Ruth continues on with knee up to the sides as her background exercisers get a drink of water) L-step starts the 2nd section. This leads into side taps then lunges up onto bench, exit front and then repeat to back. Ruth does a great job blending the moves into patterns that aren't too hard to follow. Walk around the bench easily becomes hops over the bench. Kicks to the corner finish up the moves in this section. L-step off end, knee up, facing bench to side mambo begins section 3. A straddle up, exit front, straddle up exit back, tap up is the next add on. Shoot the hoop up and over the bench as well as side leg repeaters are included in this final section. This again is taken from the top of section 1 and done all the way through the completed product. The combos are interesting, not your basic up down, up down moves. There is something for everyone in this workout. The stepping section lasts about 28 minutes.

Cool down: The cool down takes the moves from the warmup but slows them down to bring the heart rate back to the normal range. Additional stretches are done before taking it to the floor for abs.

Abdominals: Nothing fancy, just traditional moves that work the abdominals from every angle. This segment lasts about 5 minutes.

Final Stretch/Relaxation: A final stretch on the floor concludes the workout.

I really enjoyed this workout and it did keep my heart rate in the fat burning range the entire time. Check out Ruth's website

Instructor Comments:
Ruth has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and a masters degree in Health Fitness Management. Her cueing was excellent--providing ample time to follow her lead. (meaning she cues the next move before actually doing it) This will be a great benefit to new/inexperienced steppers.