Sports Moves Step

Robert Ottis
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This is a short (35-minute) step workout that uses sports moves. You simulate things like hitting a baseball, shooting baskets in basketball, karate/kickboxing, and more. Itís a pleasant "no-brainer" to do on days when you donít have the energy to go all out or do fancy choreography. It starts out at an intermediate level and builds to more advanced with some over-the-top moves (long-ways) across the step. There is nothing that will challenge you choreography-wise, unless you are a beginner to stepping. The instructor cues well, uses good form, and is encouraging without being irritating. I would recommend this for beginners/intermediates who dislike choreography. An advanced exerciser might get some use out of it on "off days," but I donít necessarily recommend running out and buying it just for that purpose. Grade B+.

Annie S.