Robert Steinbacher

Categories: Step Aerobics

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To give you some background, I'm an advanced exerciser who is also a choreography junkie. I recently discovered Marucs Irwin, which naturally led to trying workouts with other instructors his company has produced. This workout is about 48 minutes long. Unlike many Evolution videos, SPLITT Step has a warmup of 12 minutes and a short cooldown ( 6 minutes ). It is the usual dark set with monitors in the back displaying swirling colors. Robert uses a heavy percussion style of music that really didn't do much for me. It got old pretty quickly. It is Robert Steinbacher's 1st workout video, and it shows. His choreography style has a definite Latin flavor and was a lot of fun. However Robert sometimes gets off beat. His cues are sometimes late, or even absent. For example, at one point he forgot to mention that we were removing a repeater knee when putting 2 parts of the combo together, and failed to cue the move that was in its place, which made me completely lose him for a few seconds. I was disappointed, because I really wanted to like this workout. The combos in and of themselves are great! The speed of the music increases as the workout goes on. The last combo in particular is moving very quickly, and is my favorite combo on the video. The bottom line for me with this one is that I look forward to seeing what a bit of "seasoning" in front of the camera will do for Robert. The choreography is fresh and fun. He has real potential, but it wasn't fulfilled in this workout.

Instructor Comments:
Robert seems somewhat uncomfortable in front of the camera, but that is something that experience should remedy. He's upbeat and talkative, and he moves like someone with a dancer's background. He has a very understandable German accent.