One Step Beyond

Diane Springstead
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This would be an outstanding choice for a brand-new stepper, if you can find it. It was made in 1992, and I don't know where you would get it these days other than the VF Exchange.

This is a beginner-level step workout, but it is not as boring as some of the other beginner tapes I've seen. She changes the routine fairly frequently, incorporating new steps each time. Although I did not actually do the workout, it looks like it is easy to follow, yet interesting enough to keep around for awhile while you're getting used to step.

The scenery is just beautiful. It's an outdoor setting -- it looks like it might be Diane's back yard -- and the grass and trees are so pretty.

As far as beginner videos go, I'd rank this one an A.

Instructor Comments:
Diane is very professional and likeable.

Annie S.