One on One Step Workout

Kari Anderson
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I'm new to reviewing, but I wanted to pay back all the VFers who have helped me figure out what videos to get. So, I'm slowly going through my collection, starting at A.

I notice that many VFers like long, intense, complicated step workouts. Well, this is a short little gem. I got it when I was just barely able to stumble out of bed in time for a 30 minute workout, and this fits the bill. This was one of the first Kari tapes where I could "get" the choreography, and I still find it interesting after years of doing it (but, I've never done any CIA tapes for comparison). The intensity level is probably intermediate. Kari doesn't whoop, and is very supportive ("never give up"). This is a personal favorite, and I'd love to see it make VF favorite status.

mel VF


As the title indicates, in this workout it's just you and Kari working out together.

This 30-minute workout is divided into two sections, plus warming-up and cool down. The first section is pretty easy to learn, the second is more difficult. I concentrated on the footwork before adding the arm movements. I usually do floor aerobics, so I'm not an experienced stepper and I like to keep it simple - it's tough enough not tripping over my feet on the floor, let alone on a step! If you're clumsy like me, then you might want to try the second part out without a step first to familiarise yourself with the moves. I'd been doing my Fonda Step and Abs tape before this, and the choreography in the second part of Kari's tape is definitely a move up in difficulty - more variety in arm and footwork. Kari makes it look so easy and is very graceful. The moves are low impact, but for the more advanced she shows where you can "power up" to make the workout more intense.

This is a short workout, which leaves time for stretching or strength work after. It's fun and interesting, and worth learning - even if you think you're choreographically challenged, as it's short enough not to become too daunting.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is friendly and encouraging, it's like she's really in the room with you and sincerely wants you to do your best. Her cues are easy to follow.

Glynis van Uden


This is a 32 minute video. A 5 minute warmup is followed be two segments, one 12 minutes and the 2nd 11 minutes. These two segments are separated by a heart rate check. The cooldown is 4 minutes. Kari Anderson teaches this video solo (as you would guess from the title). There are 2 tvs which also show Kari working out. A couple times the camera angles are a little strange e.g. you can only see Kari's legs from the side but on a background tv you can see all of her from the front. I would rate this video as intermediate in choreography and beg/int in intensity (mostly due to the short length). There are a few places where Kari shows a power option but not very many. However, I think the short length makes it perfect for a beginner looking to move up to intermediate videos or for a light day for an intermediate exerciser. I give it an A as well.

Instructor Comments:
Kari Anderson is cheerful without being too perky. I find her very motivating.

Lael Lambe


Magazine Magazine

Got half an hour? Then the incomparable Kari has a workout for you - no excuses! Kari makes every minute count with this two-part, dancy step routine. Perfect for the time-challenged (and who isn't?).
Grade: A

Sue B


This is a short workout, about 30 minutes. I do this on days I don't have much time but want a good, invigorating workout. The steps are intermediate-level. However, advanced will enjoy the high intensity, and beginners can easily follow Kari until they learn the steps.

This is a fun tape. The last step segment is especially enjoyable. I recommend this to everyone to be done on "short" days or in conjunction with toning. Grade: A.

Annie S.