In the House with Shari Layne

Shari Layne
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I bought this at DDD for $5.99, so I wasn't expecting the world's greatest workout and it isn't. It's also not the worst workout out there, either. There is a 20+-minute step section and a 20+-minute toning segment. There's not a break between the two segments, so it's easy to do both as one workout. The step segment has very basic choreography - v-steps, turn steps, alternating knee up, over the step, straddle knee up, etc. I liked the fact that everything was done at tempo, though, so there was a good flow to the workout - no slowing down to demonstrate at all, so this workout might be best for intermediates or a beginner who is familiar with some step terminology. The toning segment was also pretty basic and done without weights. Unfortunately, the production quality in this workout is not the best. There are a couple spots during the step segment where the exercisers are actually out of focus. It's not a bad workout, though. I will keep it around for a lighter day or when I don't have much time.

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