Interval Max

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This is a tough tape! There are ten different interval cycles-The first minute or so consists of a short step aerobic pattern of three or four movements repeated six times, the second minute is the intensity blast that will send your heart rate soaring, and the final 45 seconds to one minute is spent in a basic recovery pattern which is the same each time. And boy, do you need that recovery!

Great workout - mostly high impact moves. Lots of plyo jumps, jumps on and off step, jumping jacks, etc. Simple choreography on the step but very intense. I only used one riser; Cathe and Co. used two. I also did not jump as high as Cathe and Co. because of my hip issues. Great stretch music at the end; reminded me of being on a beach vacation. Actually, the music was great throughout :)

My HR got up to 198! I'm either incredibly out of shape or this DVD is way out my league. Great fun though!

All in all, I thought this tape was a tremendous amount of fun. Cathe was very upbeat and perky without being annoying. Almost at a Christi level, or at least a Gay Gasper. Loved her joking about jumping over a basketball, then a beach ball, and then a marble as the interval got tougher! Each routine was different enough and tough enough that the time flew by. This is a tape that can grow with you. You can add more risers, jump higher, squat deeper. Or if you are injured you can take it easy, all while having fun.

I was amazed and happy that I made it through the tape. I was a big puddle of goo at the end. Had a great nap afterwards.

PROS: Variety, great music, wonderful personality. Cathe offers great form pointers and some modifications.

CONS: Generally, all high impact, but you can modify. Low impact options generally aren't shown though, as the focus of this tape is high impact.


Instructor Comments:
Cathe is wonderful, perky, and awesome. As always, cues great.



10 years after its release, this is a dated workout. You have to endure the lame generic music that reminds me of old CIA workouts. And then there is Cathe in a headband working out in one of her old sets. This is the oldest workout of Cathe's that I still use. Since Cathe is so prolific, I usually move on to the newer and better and let the old ones go. Although there are two newer IMax workouts with better music and more fun choreography, I still like to do this one on occasion.

Interval Max (the original) is a little easier than #2 and #3, I think. When #2 was released, some said the original was harder. But this one has longer rests and shorter blasts, so it feels much easier to me.

I like that the intervals are consistently timed, which is a quality that went away with the newer releases. There are few that a bit longer than a minute, but for the most part, Cathe kept to a fairly strict schedule of keeping each step-blast-rest section timed the same per interval. Depending on your fitness level, you could skip the blasts, for an easier interval workout, or skip the rests, for a tougher one. Both could still be true intervals with easy hard parts.

So, despite its age, I would still recommend this to someone who is looking for an interval workout. It is more approachable than IMax 2 or 3 for people who are new to Cathe. (However, if you haven't done Cathe before, the step sections could take a little time to master.)

Instructor Comments:
Cathe was a better cuer when this was released. She is always encouraging, but especially so in this workout.

Lisa C


This is an awesome interval workout. I loved, loved it. The step combos were short and sweet and the interval blast had just the right intensity. I give it an A+



Let me start off by saying that I'm an advanced exerciser and have done about 3/4 of Cathe's entire workout collection. So far, in terms of interval workouts, this is one of my favorites, if not my favorite. The music is better than usual; the step portions are very easy to learn and keep you aerobic the whole time; the intervals are very hard in terms of work effort but also simple to do and modifying is easy which I love. This workout kept me at or above my target zone for the entire hour, I worked HARD and I enjoyed it; and for someone who hates to exercise but does it because I have to; that says a lot! It went by REALLY fast as well. This one is absolutely, positively a keeper.

Instructor Comments:
Whenever I review a Cathe video, I usually just say that Cathe is Cathe and she's consistently great throughout her videos, but on this particular one, I found her to be "extra great". She is so encouraging, so forgiving, so patient and so "real". Moreso than on any of her videos. I really enjoyed her on this one more than any other. Her cueing is EXCELLENT, better than on any video I've done of hers as well.

Denise Berger


This workout is second only to Body Max in wipping me out. The intervals are really hard. Everyone has done a great job explaining the workout so I'll just give my opinions. I 've done Intense moves also, so a comparison is a must. Intense moves is hard, but the set is dark, and there are 2 min of down time. Interval max has about 2 min of intermediate step, 1 min of super-hard movements, and about 30 sec of recovery. Even cathe looks like she is finding this workout hard! I would say that Interval Max is much harder and funner than Intense moves. Interval Max is a must for a cathe fan or for anyone looking for a great workout

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is my favorite instructor. She never gets annoying, but is always encouraging.

pat griffin


This video would definitely be rated "killer". The good thing, is that all the moves can be easily modified, so it is a video to grow with. It starts with a very thorough warm-up, with a fun combination that gets your heart-pumping right away. After a brief stretch, Cathe moves into the first of 10 intervals. Each starts with a short aerobic step combination that is perfomed 6 times. Then she moves into an anaerobic interval that gets your heart racing. Most of the anaerobic intervals are high impact or plyo moves done on the floor. Cathe does show modifications and with this tape, you probably will have to modify! There is an interval with plyo jacks and another with power scissors that seem almost impossible and go on forever. After each anaerobic phase, there is a simple routine of grapevines and side steps to let your heartrate recover. The aerobic step portions are fun and Cathe uses a lot of familiar moves from her other videos. This is definitely an advanced tape and you really need to be familiar with Cathe's style before trying this one.

Overall, I really love this tape but have to pysch myself up to do it. Now that I realized it's ok to do the modifications, I enjoy it more and don't dread it. In fact I now feel exhilerated when I'm done. The soundtrack is awesome and fits the workout well. Like I said, it's a very advanced tape, but it's do-able because of the modifications that Cathe demonstrates. If you can get through a Cathe tape like Powermax, then you would have no problem with Intverval Max - just remember modify, modify, modify!

Instructor Comments:
As usual, Cathe is a top-notch instructor. It is amazing how she can do this workout on an 8 inch step and jump so high during some of those moves!

Janet W


I have a love/hate relationship with this tape. I love it when I'm finished with it but hate it while I'm doing it. I've been doing this tape since I got it (maybe in January) and each time it kicks my ass. I don't know what interval is the hardest... plyo-jumps, the plyo-jacks, or the plyo-scissor things. All I know is that, when I've made it past the scissor interval I feel this burst of pride, like I've climbed a mountain or something. What keeps me coming back to this workout is, 1) the challenge. I want to make it all the way through these intervals without doing the easy versions, and 2) i actually see a difference in my cardio endurance. I just moved to Omaha from Memphis, TN and the wind and the (BIG) hills here have made my runs utterly obnoxious. Since I started doing this tape, I can make up these hills without passing out now. It's been a while since I've seen results like these.

Instructor Comments:
She is awesome.



Intense Moves & Interval Max

The reason why I decided to review these two workouts together is because they are IMHO the only 2 high impact, high intensity step videos worth doing. In a strange way, they are similar but very different. Similar in format being alternating short high intensity interval blast with longer less intense step aerobics. Different in music, set, style and choreography. I feel that any high intensity exerciser who loves step should have both of these videos in their collection.

These have both been reviewed and broken down by previous posters. My addition to the reviews would be that each video has a special quality about it that makes it great.

Intense Moves has intervals that begin with the hardest version of a base move that Gin teaches you for One minute. Than you do an "active rest" for a few minutes to let your heart rate restore itself to middle section of your target heart rate range. The special thing about this video is the one minute time-line that gets posted on the screen as you begin the interval. It counts down for you so you can SEE how much longer you have to go to endure these TOUGH moves. Gin also counts down with you and is really motivating by asking you " What's in there" or telling you " keep going, your almost at the top of that mountain." The video is so fun, I just wish it was a few minutes longer.

Interval Max is just as intense as Intense Moves, but a bit longer. Cathe breaks it down really well. She does 10 interval starting with a mini step routine she does 6 times (keeping you in the mid level of your heart rate range) wich last a few minutes. Than she does a interval blast for about a minute or so (there is no time line and I never timed it). The special thing about this video is her uncomplicated "active rest" period of 30-45 seconds of really easy grapevines, walk turns and side steps. The perfect breather to lead you into the next interval. Her moves are a bit more choreographed and dancey than Gin's but very fun. I am drenched when I have completed both of these videos. I can also feel that my fitness level has improved a great deal since I started doing these interval videos. I can run for a longer amount of time now when I decide to use the treadmill. They both advise to allow for 2 rest days in between these videos and I agree. I really feel that after I am done with these I need a few days to work up the energy to do them again. It is also best for the body to recover from such high intensity and prevent injury.

These are both awesome and would recommend these to anyone who needs a challenge. These tapes are priceless.

Instructor Comments:
Gin and Cathe are the two most professional video exercise instructors on the market. They are both motivating and concerned about "you" the exerciser and it is easy to see that they are constantly aware that we are all out there waiting and listening to their cues and pointers. Gin's moves are more athletic and basic (although intense)and Cathe's moves are equally intense though more choreographed and creative. I would buy any new workout from either one of them without viewing it or hearing reviews first. They are garaunteed to be a great workouts.



This video is awesome. My husband and I did this workout for the first time yesterday. We have been interval training since October in a twice-weekly ski fit/sports conditioning class. This video actually gave us a tougher workout. Cathe's intervals are long and some of them are quite rigorous. I plan to wear my heart rate monitor next time becuase I am sure I hit my maximum in some of the intervals. In addition, I think it is very unlikely that my heartrate dropped below my cardio-training zone until the cooldown.

The choreography was fun even though it was not complicated. The music really matched the workout. The format made the time go by quickly, especially the recovery time.

I think this is going to be our new favorite video. It will be a particularly good complement to the steady-state cardio work we can easily get from running, cycling and other step videos.

Thank you Cathe!!

Instructor Comments:
Once again, Cathe's cuing and choreography are great! She looks fabulously strong.

Liz, Seattle


This is the toughest workout on video. High impact, high energy and lots of fun moves. Cathe starts with a warm up, which is followed by a 13 minute step routine. Lots of fun new moves, like the "rhythmic L" and the "power scissor/2 regular scissors/power scissor" plus the "shuffle L". Then she starts the intervals(10 of them). Each interval consists of a mini step combo which is done 6 times; then the interval blast-small series of moves that make your HR soar and push you into anaerobic condition; which is followed by a recovery combo. Many of the moves are high impact-Cathe does show modifications for these moves. I usually modify the very high impact moves and it is still the toughest workout on video; but alot of fun :) I would grade this video as an "A"

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is as charming, professional and inspiring as usual. Her cueing is excellent, her form impeccable and she motivates you thru the entire workout.



I have mixed feelings on this video. On one hand, the moves are tough. On the other the moves are too easy. In between, the choreography isn't the most exciting.

Some of the moves seem risky for anyone but the most advanced, fit exerciser. I am referring especially to the final interval blast. The moves are very high impact and done without caution could result in injury. Cathe, however, offers modifications and even one of her most fit cast members, Hope, modifies some of more extreme moves.

It is not my favorite Cathe video, but I like it well enough. I prefer Cathe's cardio when she has more intricate choreography than that in Interval Max. I also think "Body Max" is really a better all-over workout. I do love the music in "Interval Max" though.

I am glad I bought it, but just find that given my limited time to work out that I get a superior workout by using "Body Max" or an all strength or all cardio Cathe workout.

Instructor Comments:

Amy Steppe


What can I say but: HALL OF FAME! This video is super great! Cathe starts you off w/a fun mini-step routine for your warmup and then leads you through 10 TOUGH intervals. Some of the intervals are easier than others (I think), but they're all difficult. Especially the intervals w/plyo jacks and power scissors. Can I say "The thighs are burning!"??? I think this tape is the perfect tape to break through a fitness plateau b/c Cathe has you working HARD. Despite the intensity of this workout, it's so much fun to do! The set is very bright and the music is great...unlike Intense Moves. I think Interval Max is much harder than Intense Moves and way more fun. Also, this tape gives you so much room to grow. Cathe did a great job designing this workout. This video is definitely going to be a part of my main rotation.

Instructor Comments:
As always, Cathe is a superb instructor. She cues very well, is super motivating, and makes you feel like she's right there pushing hard through the workout w/you.



PowerMax and MIC look like a jaunt through the park compared to this tape. So does Intense Moves. IntervalMax is unbelievably tough and humbling. I'm now getting the hang of it, although after that first time it sat for quite awhile. What's so horrible about it is that the second interval is the hardest one. It just about kills you, which gave me sort of a hopeless attitude about the rest of the intervals, but they turned out to be easier, with the exception of the 8th. I have now decided that I like this video, though. I've seen quick improvement in my endurance with this, and I've noticed that on the days I've psyched up to do it, I always end up having a wonderful day-- like every frustration and hangup was crushed that morning by IntervalMax. :)

The warmup and the aerobic sections before the intervals are a lot of fun. I didn't really notice the music. The intervals themselves (there are 10) are at varying degrees of difficulty, but my face is purple after this workout and remains so for hours afterward.

I would only recommend this for someone who's truly advanced. Even Intense Moves by Reebok (also interval training) is adaptable to lower fitness levels, but with IntervalMax even the "easy" versions are tough. I found myself slightly modifying several of the intervals and on a few I couldn't go for the full minute.

This is a good one to throw in if you feel you aren't getting enough cardio or you're at a plateau. This tape gives new meaning to the words "shock your system." I can tell you, though, that you may be really discouraged the first time you do it, as I was, but it gets better.

Instructor Comments:
Her fitness level makes my jaw drop.

Sara Whitney


This tape is definately one to grow with. There are 10 intervals in this tape...some step and some hi/lo. I would say that the hardest intervals (for me) are the plyo jacks and scissors. I was surprised at how much muscular endurance some of the intervals involve. The first time through, my legs literally gave out at some points. I would say that this is a tape that is easily modified. In fact, Cathe encourages you to modify all through the video. I won't go into much detail describing the video, but will just add that I love this tape and think it has greatly improved my cardiovascular level. A keeper!!

Instructor Comments:
I am always impressed with Cathe...she really seems to care about her fans. At one point in the tape she states that we are an "educated crowd". What keeps bringing me back to Cathe is her down-to-earth appeal and the fact that she listens to what we want! She almost feels like she could be your sister!

Suzanne M.


Wow, what a workout! You know when Cathe, the queen of power stepping, puts out an interval workout that it's going to be tough. And it is! This beats out Intense Moves as the toughest cardio workout I've ever done. But as usual, Cathe manages to make a killer workout fun!

As others have said, there is a long warm-up/mini step routine with some stretches, and then the intervals start. There are 10 interval cycles consisting of a short aerobic phase of several steps done six times each, an anaerobic phase lasting a minute (although while you're there it seems MUCH longer), and a recovery phase with very simple choreography (at this point that will be what you want) lasting about 45 seconds. As the workout progresses, the intervals seem to go on longer and the recovery phases seem to fly!

Some of the intervals are easier than the ones in Intense Moves, and some of them are easier. I really like the way Cathe mixes up the hard and hardest intervals so you don't get too fatigued. I also like the way that many of the intervals are done on the floor. I think it's safer--no step to trip on and injure yourself on when you are fatigued. Cathe always shows a modified version of the interval, and encourages you to modify if needed. Unlike Intense Moves, there is not always someone demonstrating the modified version; although one or two exercisers modify toward the end of a couple of the tougher intervals. That's encouraging, since I had to modify near the end of the same intervals. Cathe even says that it took them awhile to work up to doing the intervals at the toughest level.

The choreography in the aerobic phases of the intervals is interesting but not too complex, and Cathe assumes that you will know a lot of the moves already since she doesn't waste time breaking them down. If you have never done a Cathe video, I would definitely recommend watching this video a couple of times before attempting it since some of the stepping has you facing away from the TV (although not as much as most of her other videos).

Regarding the set, it is a bright urban backdrop with a lot of light blue and white--relaxing, motivating and upbeat all at the same time. It's the same set as her Pure Strength series. The music is great and very motivating! It's diverse, ranging from "spy movie" music (the last interval) to tropical music complete with steel drums. To this Cathe says, "This makes me feel like I'm on a tropical island!" To which I reply, "I'm sweating enough to be!" There is a nice long stretch after the cool-down, which you will need after this workout. I LOVE this workout (although it took me a couple of times through it to realize that I do), and will rotate it with Intense Moves regularly.

My one complaint, and it's MINOR, is that most of the time you don't know how much time is left in the anaerobic portion. I wish that Cathe had a timer on the screen, like on Intense Moves. I find that I'm able to push myself harder if I know exactly how much time I have left. All in all, I highly recommend this video to all Cathe fans and advanced steppers!

Instructor Comments:
One of the many reasons I love Cathe Friedrich is that she is a real person. In this video, as in her others, she sweats along with you. She doesn't pretend that the workout is a piece of cake. She says things like, "I know it's hard," and, "The recovery seems so short." She blends just the right amount of encouragement and advice to pace yourself. Her form and safety pointers are unsurpassed, as is her form. I can't believe how high she can jump--I'd love to see her and Gin Miller in a jump-a-thon together! Cathe is a wonderful instructor--so fit and so adorable, too!

Kristin Aziz


I can't say enough good things about this workout. It is definitely in the killer category, and it's fun, too! You alternate 3-1/2-minute intervals with recovery periods. The intervals start with regular step aerobics, and then you do super-intense plyos, jumps, and lunges. The recovery periods feel *so* wonderful! I won't pretend that I can get through all the intervals. The power scissors and plyo jacks are exceptionally hard. The plyo jacks seem to go on much too long -- I haven't timed that interval, but it seems much longer than the rest. Or is it just that I'm so winded and tired that it seems longer?

Even though the workout is killer, it goes by really fast. That must be because you're changing routines every 3-1/2 minutes.

The step aerobic segments consist of fairly basic choreography, but at a high-intermediate/advanced intensity level. They're easy to pick up. What amazes me is that in a "normal" tape, we'd probably consider these step segments to be a tough workout. But when you're doing this tape, the aerobics almost seem like rest, compared to the plyos and jumps!

A comparison to Intense Moves is inevitable, since up until now, that was the hardest interval tape available. I think they're both about equal in terms of toughness, with (maybe) Interval Max taking a slight lead. They're both fun, too, but I think Cathe's is more fun. That's not to say that I'll be giving up my Intense Moves, though, because I still love it. Plus, having two of them now will make burn-out less likely.

Can you guess my grade for this tape? A+++. I hope there will be more like this from Cathe!

Annie S.


I recently did this video and must say although it was tough, I felt some of her other videos (like Bodymax) were tougher. I was expecting a harder workout. I think this was because some of the 'intervals' (there are 10), were tough for me to do, not because I'm not advanced enough, they were just uncomfortable. I did, however, like the setup of the video. Before each interval, you did a little step routine, so you won't get bored. I do recommend this video to mix things up, but it's not my favorite. My grade: B+



Well, even the invincible Cathe looks kind of pooped after some of those intervals. This workout will get your heart pumping full speed ahead.

The warm-up is a joy, especially the new moves: rhythmic L's and an L step-shuffle on the step. This section is fairly long. My first time doing Interval Max, I was kind of nervous -- I actually contemplated just doing the warm-up 4 or 5 times and calling it a day! I'm glad I hung in there though, because the whole workout is good.

Once you start into the intervals, it's hard, but it goes by fast. Cathe spreads out the tougher intervals. The 2nd interval is pretty tough and I started thinking "uh-oh, eight more like this?" but some are easier than others. Lots and lots of plyo stuff, but Cathe always demonstrates easier alternatives. There are 10 interval cycles. Each begins with a mini-step routine. These are pretty lively, mostly familiar combos from other Cathe videos. Then there's the 1-minute interval challenge. Recovery is mostly side steps and grapevines on the floor, and that's about all you'll want to do. I often didn't feel fully recovered until I was well into the next cycle's mini-step routine. (I am an advanced exerciser.)

In general, the intervals that are on the step are a little easier than the ones that are on the floor. Some of my favorite intervals: one is plyo heel digs across the step. Cathe cracks me up here. First she tells you she should be able to fit a soccer ball under you, by the end of the interval, she's talking about marbles. Interval #8 is a real toughie -- endless power scissors on the floor. You will feel this one in your thighs for a while. In the last interval, Cathe is !FLYING! in the air. If I didn't know better, I'd swear she was on a trampoline.

For comparison, I liked it better than Intense Moves, the only other interval video I own, because (1)it has more interesting choreography; (2) even the hardest level of her intervals is achievable (it's just hard to keep it up for a full minute); (3)Interval Max didn't feel as hard on my knees as some of Gin's intervals; and (4) well, I just love Cathe.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe would have been a great coach. She mixes instruction, humor and motivational tips throughout the workout. Her cuing is excellent. When I work out with a Cathe video, I always feel like Cathe is right in the room working out along with me.

Cathe looked absolutely fantastic, and Mercedes looked "outasight" too. Looking at her go is a great motivator, because I always think, well if Mercedes can do it, I can do it.

Daphne M


OK, here's the scoop on Interval Max. Lorrayne Schaefer, who lives just a couple miles from me, dropped by after work yesterday and we tried it out. I had to modify everything to low impact and a 4" step due to my knee and my pregnant belly, but Lorrayne assures me this is a killer tape. She even said "MIC would be a good practice tape for this one."

Interval Max is very much in the spirit of Reebok's Intense Moves--one of the few true interval workouts available that will challenge advanced exercisers. The intensity level and length of the interval segment is comparable to Intense Moves--each have 10 interval cycles for a total of about 30 min. of extremely tough cardiovascular conditioning. Interval Max's warm up is more choreographed and thorough, however, and the end stretch is also longer and more thorough, hence the longer 60 min. length.

Here's the breakdown of the workout: A 13 min. warm up, approx. 30 minutes of interval cycles, a 2 1/2 minute cool down, and a nice, long 5 min. stretch.

Those who attended last October's road trip to Cathe's studio will recognize much of this workout. The choreography is very similar to our Sunday masterclass, except that no toning segments are included. Most of the choreography in the aerobic segments is taken from previous videos-- the few new steps are taught during the warm up. The choreo overall is most similar to that in Body Max and MIC.

The music Cathe previewed for the road trippers is the music used in the video. It's a new Dynamix soundtrack (one that Cathe fears will reappear in future CIA tapes) and very motivating.

The warm up is fun--the music has a Caribbean feel, with steel drums. You'll see a few new moves--a rhythmic L step and an L step with a shuffle on the board. Parts of this segment reappear later in the step aerobic sections. Once you learn the combo you move into active stretching, including slow lunges with a kick off the back of the step, like in the third section of Step Max. Your body will be pretty warm after this point (about 10 min. in) but then Cathe goes back to the combo and adds a few variations, including a single power scissor/2 quick scissor move, side ups, and a U-turn. The warm up is very thorough, but believe me, you'll need it.

There are ten interval cycles--The first minute or so consists of a short step aerobic pattern of three or four steps repeated six times, the second minute is the intensity blast that will send you into your anaerobic training zone, and the final 45 sec. to one minute is spent in a basic recovery pattern which is the same each time.

The step aerobic sections feature moves familiar to Cathe fans, and some of the groups of steps you can even name by video. For example, there's one I call the "PowerMax" section with a knee up corner to corner, jump kick corner to corner, pony corner to corner, and hip flexor repeater. There's another right out of "Step Max" (A-step, knee off the back, long hop turn, knee off the inside, 3 outer thigh) and another from Step Heat (basic step, jump extend, up jack, down jack, repeater back). You'll recognize many other moves as well, such as rebounds, funky V steps, scoops, and in-and-out repeaters.

The anaerobic, intense segments run the gamut from those straight up jumps on the floor in MIC (for a whole minute!), to "power circles" galore, to power 7's around the world, to deep plyo jacks, to scissor lunges, to ski-type side to side jumps, to airborne jacks and tuck jumps (similar to Intense Moves). Like Intense Moves, some of these segments are a bit harder than others, and on the toughest, one of the participants (Hope) demonstrates less intense variations. About half of these sections use the step, half are on the floor.

The cool down is done on the floor, with mostly grapevines, a double grapevine, step touches and step turns. As I mentioned before, the stretch section is nice and long, with quiet, pretty music.

I think this will be a great tape for Cathe fans, and a nice alternative to Intense Moves.



Cathe's Interval Max will blast you off to the moon. When I previewed the tape, I was in fear of attempting it, but it's much easier to do than to watch. I completed the tape the first time on a 6" step, and then used 8" the second time, which is fine for me because the step intervals are easier than the floor intervals. Here are the ten intervals: (1) step: power circles - very easy if you are used to Cathe's other tapes; (2) floor: air jumps - similar to the jumps in MIC - she does 64 instead of 40 like MIC, but for some reason I found it easier to accomplish them on this tape; (3) step: knee/side/knee jumps in straddle position (easy); (4) floor: 40 plyo jacks (tough on my knees); (5) two double jumps on the step with plyo jacks off the step using both ends of the step; (6) floor: 80 ski jumps - very easy; (7) step: lunges off the step - I counted 72; (8) second hardest: floor - jump lunge, power scissors (torture on the legs and knees); (9) floor - hitch/kick/lunges (easy, felt good on the knees after interval 8); (10) floor - Cathe jumps off the TV screen doing jumps and knee ups in the air. No one came close to the height she jumped - she looked like she was on a trampoline. I guess having a gymnast background helps her jump very high. I like this tape better than Intense Moves because I can do the intervals. The plunger and jumps over the side of the step in Intense Moves are hard on me so I don't look forward to doing it. The only other interval tapes I know of are Energy Sprint and Dawn Pappas and Barbara McDermott's segments on CIA tapes. Personally, I prefer BodyMax's endurance workout better than interval workouts. But Interval Max is a must for any Cathe or interval training exercise enthusiast.

maryann parker