I Q U Go!

Mike Bee
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I almost liked this. Actually, I was having a great time until I got to section 3 of the choreography, which confused me. But I kept going and started having fun again. Then I got to section 5, another brain-teaser, in my opinion, and gave up. So this review is based on doing almost all the workout only one time.

Mike has some really neat choreography, and a pleasant and likeable personality, too, but some of his moves just left me standing with my mouth hanging open. He does a lot of moves on the floor around the step, which involve turns and having your back to the TV, and I thought he was just about impossible to follow on those parts. A few "step rights" and "step lefts" would have gone a long way here.

Many VFers probably wouldn't have as much trouble as I did, but unless you're willing to rewind a few times and take some time to learn it, you might not like it. On the other hand, the parts I did learn were a lot of fun, so I think if you did invest the time, it could be a really good tape. For instruction, I'd have to give it a B-, but the workout itself probably deserves an A-.

Instructor Comments:
Mike Bee seems to be very creative and also very likeable. But I think he needs to break down his choreography a little more, at least in this tape.

Annie S.