G-Force Superstep

Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This has been out for a year or so, but it is fairly new to me and I wanted to add my general comments. To put this review into perspective, I am new to complex step tapes, and I have never done a G-Force workout before, so it took me about 5 tries before I got all the moves. I imagine that those more familiar with complex choreography and the G-Force would have much less difficulty.

The workout is really enjoyable from start to finish. Patrick starts with a dancy warmup, mostly on the step. Each combo is led by a different instructor, and all did a fine job of cuing. For some reason, I picked up Darrin and Patrick's sections most quickly, and found Rob's was the most difficult to learn. This was a lack of coordination on my part. At first, I kept ending up on the wrong foot after his extension move, which threw me off for his entire combo, but I finally got it. I really like the part where you cross your foot off the step and then go into a mambo straddle. But my absolute favorite move comes during Patrick's combo, where you walk off the step, do a knee-up, hop and turn, then straddle the step. Darrin leads the cooldown and stretch. The stretch could have been a bit longer I think, but since I stretch on my own afterwards, this is no big deal.

The music is great. It is mostly R & B/funk tunes from the 70s and 80s, and reminds me somewhat of the music in Hi-lo Heaven. Actually, one of the songs is the same. Although some of the moves require impact and power it is possible to modify most of them if you don't like to jump all the time. This workout also makes a fun floor routine that doesn't require much space, if you aren't in the mood for stepping. So far, the workout has really met my needs--it is challenging, yet not frustrating or undoable. Most importantly, it is fun.

Instructor Comments:
I really, really like all of these guys. They have put together a good routine, and they teach it well. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and seem to have as much fun as I do with the workout. It is obvious that they have often worked together and they have a great rapport. The G's tease each other and banter back and forth at times, in the way that guys do when they're just hanging out. Perhaps some would be annoyed by this, but I find it amusing, and it hasn't become tiresome after repeat viewings.

I must say that I was particularly impressed with Patrick Goudeau--I don't know whether it was his neat choreography, or his personality or what, but he's just awesome. I have heard he has some new workouts coming out soon, and I am excited about giving them a try. I would also love to see some solo efforts by Rob and Darrin in the future, as well as more G-Force workouts.

Mary K.


Super Step is my favorite step workout. It's complex yes, but once you get the moves down, it's a party. I never knew that sweating could be so much fun. Time flies by and I'm done! Rob's moves just flow so well that by the time Darrin starts to teach his step section, I'm missing Rob. But don't worry, After Darrin is done teaching his section of the step, you combine both Robs and Darrin's together. Patrick's section is the dessert! He is just so talented and his choreography is so tricky and fun! He then combines his section with Darrin's and Rob's sections twice. Then when you think you are done...no! He adds some fun ways to change the workout around so that it's different and you have to think about what section comes next. The whole workout is just so much fun that I had to make myself right a review. This workout needs to be in the Hall of Fame.

The set is CIA red set and they are wearing yellow T-shirts. The music is Dynamix. One of the songs is from Saturday Night Fever( I used to be addicted to my Saturday night fever album). I seem to recall their alot of 70's songs in the workout.

You will do alot of spinning in this video. I'm not talking about bike spinning. I'm talking about pivots!

Instructor Comments:
Rob Glick teaches very well and his step choreography is my favorite. He has a beard and looks like he could be one of the 3 muskateers.

Darrin Grove reminds me of Donny Osmond with the cutest legs. He leads the cooldown

Patrick Goudeau always gives the workout a complexity that challenges the brain as well as the body. He leads a fun warm-up.

Mandy Lee


Well, I have to say I was surprised with this tape. Normally, I don't care for the G-Force for two reasons - Patrick's fancy footwork (but please note I love the guy), and Rob's slow teaching method which uses lots of marching in place. Super Step is different - it's their best tape to date. I love all the combos, the music, the way they teach it, and put it together. It totals 37 minutes of cardio. The music is great and if they keep this up, I will be buying all their tapes.

maryann parker


I got this Monday, and have done it 3 times already (today is Saturday). It's that good. This is G-Force's best ever, both in choreography and in fun factor. There are three combos, each taught by a different G. They're all complex, but broken down very well with not too much breaking down (which has sometimes been a problem in the past). Rob starts first with a neat little combo that takes you all around the step. I stumbled a little at first trying to get his mambo-straddle piece, but did eventually get it without too much frustration. Then it's Darrin's turn. His combo incorporates a really fun move called a quick-tap (which really isn't a tap). It's a blast. At one point, he says to the other G's, "Should we show them what we've got?" There's a dead silence, and then the other two crack up. I can't help but crack up myself every time, even though I know it's coming. Finally, it's Patrick's turn. As any G-Force fan would expect, Patrick's is the most complex. But completely do-able. It looks harder when you watch it. At the end, you run through all 3 twice, then you split it and do it twice again. For the grand finale, you do one run-through of combos 1, 2, 3, and then 3, 2, 1. The workout goes by extremely fast. I'm always surprised when it's over. (It's about 55 minutes including the warmup and cooldown.)

The intensity ranges from intermediate to advanced, with most of it being in the low-advanced area. The music is great -- nothing new, but some good stuff. One of the songs is one of my favorites from Christi's Hi/Lo Heaven.

Now, the toughest test of all: How does this compare against Christi's Step Heaven and Still Steppin'? I think most here would agree that Christi has set the standard for excellence in both step and high/low. Most tapes out there couldn't begin to compare with Christi's, but Superstep is one that can realistically be compared. So to answer the question "Is this as fun as Christi's?", the answer is ... Yes! Absolutely -- it's a total blast. Is it as intense? No, it's not as intense aerobically, but it's great in that area nonetheless. Choreographically, I think they're both about equal, but Christi does have a slight edge in the teaching category. Bottom line, if you like Christi's step, you're probably going to like this too. A++++.

Instructor Comments:
It's interesting to see how the G's have evolved since their first set of workouts. Rob's downfall early on was too much breakdown and poor cueing in some circumstances. Patrick's was a mixture of too much breakdown sometimes and not enough sometimes. Darrin really didn't have too much going against him unless you count that "scruffy" look he used to go for :)

It looks like they've paid attention to the reviews and really worked to improve in the areas they've been criticized for. Rob's paying more attention to cueing, Patrick isn't overwhelming (or underwhelming us) anymore -- he's right in the middle, and all of them are avoiding having too much breakdown. It's really paid off with this workout, which I'm sure is destined to reach the VF Hall of Fame.

Annie S.


Wow! I just finished this video and I am still amazed. I have never had the time fly by as quickly as it did with this one; I never looked at my watch once! Rob starts out and usually his sections are the ones that drag as he teaches endlessly the simplest moves, then makes you repeat the entire tedious process on the other side. Imagine my surprise when he said he was done and it felt like about five minutes!

What's amazing is that all three Gs use their trademark system -- show the base moves, add variations, add more variations -- until you're doing the whole thing. The BIG (and I mean mack truck big!) difference here is that they do it SO quickly, you wonder who finally got their ears and told them to speed things up. I am pretty good at picking up tricky choreography after just a try or two, but I have to admit I stood there confused a couple of times during Rob's and Darrin's portions. Suprisingly, it was Patrick's that was the easiest to pick up (maybe because I've done his other tapes and I'm used to him?).

I know I'm not being tremendously specific but all three guys had moves I've never seen before mixed with some that you will know and welcome for the mental break they provide. Even Patrick's warm-up is quick-paced and innovative. When all three have finished teaching their combos, they put them together twice, then split them, then insert Patricks between the other two so it doesn't feel like you're doing the same thing over and over. I had most of it down by this point but not all and that is unusual for me. Darrin's cool-down is very simple and gives your mind a much-needed rest.

I guess the bottom line is if you've given up on the G-Force because they failed to challenge you or get your heart rate up, you've got to get this one and give them another try. They have obviously been reading what we've been putting out there and have truly delivered. A+++ all the way around (except for that gag me little thing at the end where they all do a "Super!" cheer). I'd always preferred Patrick out of the three Gs and primarily purchased their tapes for his sections, but after Superstep, I'd actually like to see CIA give Darrin and/or Rob their own tapes (are you listening Greg?).

Donna Kahwaty