G-Force Cardio Step

Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Step Aerobics

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G Force gets better and better, and Cardio Step is my new favorite. The set is one from CIA videos, a real improvement over the dark warehouse from Step Challenge.

The whole theme of the tape is layering. They teach a move, then make it more and more complex, and they use a lot of turns.

Rob teaches the warmup and cooldown, which are both totally choreographed. Patrick teaches the first step segment, then Darin, then Rob. Not surprisingly, Patrick's segment is the danciest. He has a great move that you jump/squat to the side then box step and cha-cha - fun! Darin does a great job as well, including a great scissor move - and Rob's final segment has a fun and different mambo and box step on the step.

The 55 minutes flew by. By Rob's final segment, the group was laughing and joking, and I felt like I was part of the party.

Two little criticisms - I would have liked a bit more stretching in the warmup, and kind of an awkward move at the very end of Rob's step segment. But these are pretty minor.

In sum and in fairness, G Force has not quite reached the god-like status as Christi, but Cardio Step is a real step in that direction, especially compared with G Force's previous efforts. Most importantly, it's a great workout and a lot of fun. I give it an A!

Instructor Comments:
These guys are great! Patrick is the danciest, Darin is more athletic, and Rob is somewhere in between. This is part of their fourth series together, and they seem to work better on this one than ever before - they seem more relaxed and in tune with each other, and having a good time.

Celia M.


This is not my favorite G-Force step tape, but it is nevertheless fun and definitely a keeper. The format is traditional G-Force: each takes a turn teaching a segment, and at the end, you put all three parts together. There is something new in this one, though. They "split" the routine for the final run-through (thank you!). Splitting is where you do Routine 1 right-side, Routine 2 left, Routine 3 right, and then start over with Routine 1 but on the left. I've gotten so used to doing it that way in other videos, it doesn't seem natural anymore to not do it. But this is the first time the G-Force has done it that way. I think it's more fun and flows better. There is one criticism I have of the G-Force, and it's not just this tape but some of their other tapes, too. They always start out by showing you base moves, and then you build on adding various levels of complexity. That's great - it makes it easy to learn. But sometimes when they tell you you can choose to stay at a certain level or add the next modification, you really can't. It will be okay to do so at that point, but then you find later in the routine that if you don't do the more complex level, then you're on the wrong foot, or on the wrong side of the bench or something. There's one part in this tape that this happens (that I know of), and one in a previous step tape. When it comes up, I want to say, "Hey, that's not fair!" If they would pay better attention to that, their workouts would be absolutely perfect. But I'm gonna buy 'em anyway! Grade A.

Instructor Comments:
The G-Force guys are some of my all-time favorite instructors. They're just so much fun to work out with. Even on days I don't really feel like working out, if I pop in a G-Force tape, I'm soon in a great mood having a blast.

Annie S.