Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Step Aerobics

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No wonder G-Force has made so many tapes together - these guys have a lot of talent. Ultimate Cardio Workout was their very first effort, and it packs a lot into one tape. There are three separate cardio sections - a 32 minute step section, 33 minute hi/lo, and 30 minute funk, with an 8 minute warmup and short cooldown. Unlike their subsequent tapes, each "G" leads an entire segment - that is, Rob teaches the step, Patrick leads hi/lo, and Darin does the funk, instead of trading off after each progression.

Overall, I really enjoy this tape. The choreography is complex - as you'd expect - but it is definitely well taught, well cued, and doable. Patrick in particular "tones down" his famously impossible choreography to something much more accessible to the average aerobicizer. And all three of them are friendly and seem to be having a great time together, which makes it seem a little more like I'm part of the workout party!

Some more of the good things about this tape - Rob's step choreography and his amazing jumping ability (he really catches some air!), though I don't think the tape really captures his sparkling personality. Also Patrick's deft hi/lo choreography and his gracefulness are very much in evidence. He is such a fun instructor!

I should note I never do the funk portion of this tape. The choreography looks like a lot of fun, and I'm sure it'd be terrific for those blessed with the "funk" gene. I can do dancy, but funk is where I find my limit. I should also note that the "costumes" that they wear for the funk segment - Orlando Heat basketball jerseys - are already starting to look a little dated.

But even without the funk segment, you still have a solid 60+ minutes of terrific step and hi/lo. This is definitely a tape worth owning.

Celia M.


After doing the G Force Ultimate Hi/Lo tape and being very disappointed, I wasn't looking forward to their first tape "G Force Cardio" but I was pleasantly surprised. This tape has three segments. The first segment is stepping and it is 30 minutes of intricate steps and a lot of fun. My favorite is the hi/lo section with Patrick G. He is my favorite of the G Force. His hi/lo is very intense and instead of too many marches in place, he does side steps which is much better in keeping my heart rate up. This is about 32 minutes long and lots of fun. He is a very tall, athletic and graceful instructor. Section 3 is Funk, and I didn't even do it, since this is not my style. But the first two sections give you over 60 minutes of fun on and off the step. It was much better than Ultimate Hi/Lo.

maryann parker


Absolutely fantastic! The video has three sections, in this order: step, high/low, and funk high/low. Each section is a full 30 minutes, and there's a separate warm-up and cool-down at the beginning and end.

The step workout is led by Rob Glick. Man, can that guy jump! His power moves are *very* powerful! The choreography is advanced, but it's pretty easy to pick up because he cues so well. There's still one step I have trouble with, but I did a lot better last time! (It's the one-and-two-and-three-tap-slide step.) The intensity is advanced as well. Rob's workout deserves an A+.

My favorite section is the high/low taught by Patrick Goudeau. I'd love to see this made into a full-hour class. Great moves, great music, and a great workout! This choreography is advanced as well, but again, Patrick is such a good instructor that you can pick it up easily. Since I ranked the step section an A+, I have to give this one an A++ because I like it even better.

I personally hate the last section, funk, by Darrin Grove. It's too complicated for me, but any funk-lovers out there will surely like it. It's *very* complex, and I have finally given up. I just get frustrated trying to do it, so I'll expend my energy doing something *I* think is fun! It's much more complicated than, say, Carol Lapidus-Scott's funk workout, which is more of an intermediate choreography. If I had to give this section a grade, I'd say D, but I know a funk-lover would probably give it an A or A+.

Overall, I highly recommend this tape. Even if you don't like one of the sections, you still get a full hour of high-intensity, FUN cardio. This has become one of my new favorites!

Annie S.


This video three workouts in one video (an excellent value). All three instructors have excellent cueing skills, fun personalities, and their own unique style. Experienced instructors, very likeable. The first segment is step with Rob Glick. Interesting choreography, not too complex, but just enough to keep your attention. The second segment is my favorite--hi/low with Patrick Goudeau. He is a former National Aerobic Champion. This section is very choreographed with many turns, hops, kicks, and directional changes. Extremely fun routine. The next section is Funk with Darren Grove. I like his style because he is very relaxed--again choreographed, but easy to follow. All three instructors have excellent teaching skills, and the music is great. Very innovative, highly recommended for those who like fun and interesting choreography.

Gina Adams