For the Love of Step

Deborah Puskarich
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Step Aerobics

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For the Love of Step (about 40:00 total)

Warmup (6:00)
Step (29:00)
Stretch (5:00)

This is a Sara's City Production on the newer set, kind of spartan but nothing objectionable. The sound is clear. The camera shots are a little blurry in a couple of spots, but not for long. Gay Gasper is the only backgrounder.

The warmup consists of very simple choreography and a stretch. I was kind of bored. The step section has some really interesting choreography that is well taught. Intensity is moderate; choreography is high intermediate in complexity, similar to Rob Glick's.

My biggest objection to this video is the music; it's bland instrumental and extremely unmotivating.

Overall grade: B

Instructor Comments:
Deborah is one of the pros. She cues very well and is excellent at teaching choreography.