ESPN Fitness Pros Step Aerobics

Donna Richardson, Tracy York, Nancy Popp, Joel Greco
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Step Aerobics

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When Fitness Pros was on ESPN, it appealed to the intermediate exerciser who liked more complex, dancy moves than those seen on the average exercise show. I feel that this video falls short of the show's reputation. The step moves are very basic, slow-paced and low-intensity; intermediate or advanced steppers probably won't get their heart rates up very much. The toning section is very uneven: I got the feeling that I worked my right bicep MUCH more than the left. And worst of all, the stretch at the very end only stretches ONE LEG!

Instructor Comments:
Tracy, Nancy, Joel and Donna are relatively friendly and upbeat. However, the workout is so "dumbed-down" that it doesn't matter.

Christine S.