Dance Step Formula

Victoria Johnson
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This is an intermediate dancey step work out with toning at the end. I like the way she uses several different dance styles, especially in the warm up. This is a fun work out and also a good source of ideas if you teach or make up your own work outs to do at home. The set is pleasant, but the production quality is poor. The music can be hard to hear, and the picture is grainy. Sometimes the tracking goes out. It is too bad because Victoria seems like a great person and teacher. Her exercisers act like they're at the proctologist (maybe that's why she seems more sedate than Donna too. No one to play off her). I like the work out and the hip, dancey feel. Victoria has a nice spirit and zest. The video quality detracts from my enjoyment of this work out. Hopefully, a better producer will discover what a gem she is and better tapes will be forthcoming.

Instructor Comments:
Think of Victoria as Donna Richardson-lite. She has the same funky, urban style as Donna, loves attitude, but has less of that "hey-ho, hey ho" thing going on. She has a very easy, laid back friendly approach that I like. She not only encourages modifications for intensity, but also for soul (make it lyrical or hip hop, what looks good on you). She obviously gets it that working out should be fun. She cues well and seems very down to earth. I like her style.



I got this tape because I was impressed with Victoria's Power Step tape. But this one is more beginner/intermediate, so it's not really my style. However, if you fit that category and you like good music with a strong beat, and you like to be a little funky, this might be just what you're looking for.

This is a step workout followed by some light toning with tubes (you can use dumbbells if you want). I love the way Victoria adds style and funk without overwhelming you. She's a natural-born dancer, and she makes you think you can be, too. She's also one of the most sincere, motivating instructors I've run across.

The workout is recorded in EP mode and the picture quality isn't that great. But it's not any worse than some of the Buns of Steel tapes, either.

I'll rank this tape a B+.

Instructor Comments:
Victoria is not only one of the best fitness personalities out there, but she's also gorgeous. Unfortunately, the poor quality of this video doesn't let that show much.

Annie S.


Victoria Johnson's Dance Step Formula is an excellent workout for someone who is an intermediate/advanced stepper who likes dancier moves. It's not hard to follow, and the workout is great. However, it does have a lously soundtrack and production quality. Her queing is impecable, though and you will enjoy the tape. Besides, it's usually fairly inexpensive; I paid $10 for it from Suncoat Video, and thought it would be lousy. However, I was very pleasantly surprized to find out that it is a good workout with great queing.

Kathy Lapinski


Victoria Johnson's Dance Step Formula might not be as good as Victoria would like to put it. I have taken her classes here at the Riverplace Athletic Club, Portland, Oregon. She really gives you an awesome workout. I wish she gets better sound production and a more exposed marketing/advertising strategy for the videos. In real life she's the greatest instructor I've ever known!