Stretching Your Whole Body

Jean Goulet-Klein
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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Didn't like:
Just awful, amateur production quality. Like it was filmed in someone's basement with an ancient VHS camera. Ms. Goulet doesn't alway say what you are stretching, or why. And doesn't show many modifications. These defects weren't a problem as I have learned this stuff from other stretch tapes and books.

Did like:
It is a long tape (75 Min.) and she stretches just about everything. It is very relaxing. I'd read about stretch tapes putting people to sleep. But of all the tapes I've tried, this is the first that really made me so relaxed that I felt sleepy. She seems a bit camera shy. But, unlike in "Pure & Simple Stretch" where Karen Voight looks like a deer caught in front of headlights, Ms. Goulet is kind of sweet and and even giggles at one point. And there are no goofy jokes to get tired of like in the excellent "Millenium Stretch". I can see where this would not become a VF fave. But I think it has a place in my rotation. Especially as improving my flexibility is one of my goals for 2001.



This is a one-hour-plus stretch video, that will stretch just about every muscle you own. Some of the stretches are rather challenging -- she does splits at one point! But she doesn't necessarily expect you to do them. If you can get that far, great, but if not, just do what you can. This tape is not as challenging as Barbara Peterson's Stretch to Win video, which is for the ultra-flexible, but it is a great in-between workout between that and, say, Charlene Prickett's Home Stretch or Karen Voight's stretch tape. The only thing I would add to this one is more leg stretches -- and that is just a personal desire -- I love leg stretches.

The tape is very low production quality. But if you can ignore that, it's a very nice workout. It's made and sold by Artistic Video. Their web site is (be sure to put the "s" on the end, or you'll end up somewhere else!). They also have a lot of tai chi/chi gung videos. The single-tape price is kind of high, but if you buy several, they give great quantity discounts.

Instructor Comments:
Jean is not a fitness celebrity, just a regular down-to-earth instructor you might find at your local gym.

Annie S.