Contagious Choreography

Yoav Avidar, Adi Rothman
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I enjoy complex choreography cardio workouts - the more complex the better. This step workout from Evolution fills the bill. I really liked it but I think you would need to be a serious choreography hound to enjoy this one. A very nice VFer loaned this video to me.

The only complaint I have about this workout is the recycled music, which has been used on multiple Evolution workouts.

Adi teaches 7 symmetrical blocks in her portion of the workout - one 32 count and six 16 count. Her portion of the video is about 37 minutes.

Next is Yoav's section. He gives us two 32 count blocks in about 20 minutes. Very complex with lots of fast feet movements and some syncopation.

I always enjoy trying out new instructors and these are 2 very good ones. I would like to see more workouts from them.

Instructor Comments:
Yoav and Adi are from Israel and are married, I believe. They are both attractive and personable and cue well. Their choreography is very dancy.

Carol L