Stretching for Athletes

Priscilla Patrick
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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I bought Stretching for Athletes because I am always looking for short thorough stretch tapes. It is divided into two 15 minute segments. The name is accurate: the postures are targeted towards the athlete, runners esp., and focus on leg & hip stretches. The postures include forward bend, leg stretches, lunges on back and knees, cat, spinal twist, modified cobra, foot-to-eye/shoulder while seated & lying down (or at least the attempt!), shoulder stand and optional plow, bridge and a rotator cuff stretch. A production of South Carolina public TV, the set is minimal, an attempt to look like a beach and sky, and there is no music. The tape was somewhat expensive (although I have seen it slightly reduced on, and not really what I was looking for although I do use it. I would recommend this to people who are involved in a sport that has left them muscle-bound and uncomfortably tight. PP stretches thoroughly, cautiously and intelligently. It is definitely targetted to that group.

Instructor Comments:
Priscilla Patrick is in great shape, lithe and thin. She gives thorough and detailed pointers, and direction about begin careful not to overdo. Not particularly warm, certainly not perky, but sets a good pace.

Pamela B.