CIA 2602: Step Generation with Strength Circuit

Ann Marie Sill
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

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This is my first workout with Ann Marie Sills. I normally do Cathe, Mindy etc. I enjoy their intensity and simple athletic moves. Ann Marie is the total opposite. I did work up a sweat but her choreography is really complex and she takes no time to teach them. She will introduce them once or twice without turns but then she throws in turns and everything else and I was all over the place.I am not good at complex choreography even though I'm an advanced exerciser who loves to sweat and enjoys intensity. Maybe with a few tries, i can get this down but for the first time it was pretty complex. I hung in there though! This video may not be for people who do not like or have the patience for complex choreography.
The workout starts out with a 6 minute warm up, which is fun and interesting. Then comes a step workout, about 35 minutes in length. She moves into a cool down/warm up utlizing the medicine ball and i did the whole thing because it was fun (i usually skip warm ups and cool downs). The strength portion is about 30 minutes long. There are some interesting moves, but strength work is strength work. She utlizes hand weights, resistance bands, med balls, and disks. There are people modifying moves in the back. Overall this is a good advanced workout, but can be frustrating for those who do not like advanced choreography.Her choreography reminded me of Seasuns style, and i traded that workout long ago!

Instructor Comments:
Ann Marie has a great personality. She is calm in her manner and speech but not boring. She is very motivating and moves at ease thru her complicated choreography.