CIA 2601: Cardio Step Express

Gay Gasper
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I traded for this workout because I did not want to overdose on Gay's All Out Infused Step. I love that workout (and especially the music) and was in danger of doing it too much.
Actually, I had this workout before. I just HAD to have it. I got it, tried it once, and then traded it.
Having done it 4 or 5 times now, I am not sure why I traded it.
I would say the choreography is more interesting than All Out Infused Step, but the music is not as good. The music is just a little too soft in the first half, but does become more prominent in the second half. It is decent, just not as good as her 2700 series workout.
The workout consists of two blocks with three combinations in each. You learn each block and then run through the block a couple of times. There is an option to string all the combinations together twice, making the workout 52 minutes long with warm up. The cool down is a dancy, latin style routine done on the floor.It would be very funny to actually be able to see myself attempting this one. I know what I am doing has nothing to do with what they are doing on the screen.
All the things I like about Gay's workouts are here in this workout: there's fun warm up that does not seem like a warm up; there are lots of mambos and
shuffling around the step, Gay has you do a few power moves (but not too many); and of course, her excellent cuing is there as always.
You know, I can never really judge the complexity of her workouts because her cuing is so good. I pick up her routines usually on the first try. I guess I would say this is moderately complex and the intensity is intermediate/advanced.
Another winner from Gay.

Instructor Comments:



This workout has a dance flair. There is hardly any tifting. So when she puts the combo together at the end, and in the bonus section, you'll have to remember all the tricky choreography.

Intense moves are included in this workout. There are two modifers in the back but you don't see them that often. However they are regular looking ladies. There are two advanced exercisers in the front with Gay. One younger girl and a young latin guy. Carlos the latin guy did the latin choreography in the cooldown section.

The camera focuses more on these two advanced exercisers. The camera angles are good. The set is bright and airy. The music in the step section has a jazz feel, in the cooldown the music has latin with latin dance moves. The stretch section has mediterranean music with yogic stretching. The abs section is pilates with athletic. There are some unique four limb movements.

Some intermediate exercisers will find the choreography on the tricky side. But they can grow with this workout. Just lower the step height until you learn the moves. I would definitely rate this as an advanced workout as far as the step section. The abs section I would rate intermediate.

This is a good workout. You will definitely be in your heartrate zone through the whole workout.

This DVD is chaptered so you can add the bonus section if you have more time to exercise or you just want more of an intense workout.

This was a fun and interesting workout. However there are others that have better music selection. But the workout is good and solid. And the choice of the chapters makes this a good workout to have and reach for time and again. Gay is a spunky instructor that keeps you going even if you don't want too. I am glad to have purchased this workout and will include this in my rotation. It is a nice change of pace.

Instructor Comments:
Gay is delightful to workout with. She cues well and fast. She is not annoying. Instead very energetic and motivating.



This is an interesting and fun video. Gay adds some new and interesting steps but keeps the overall style on the athletic side. She does move around off the step,such as mambo back up, or power knee up, walk back. She also walks sideways of the step into a ham curl.

A couple background exercisers show higher impact or more complex steps in some of the routines. If you don't mind adding some of your own intensity here and there, this tape should work for most steppers intermediate and up. It's certainly not hard core though, I don't think that's Gay's thing.

There are 2 blocks with 3 combos each. The combos increase in complexity and intensity through the block. She doesn't break down the moves very much and uses a lot of the watch me while you keep doing the previous move. This doesn't work for me because my brain can't seem to process changes while trying to remember what I was doing. :) The step workout moves at a pretty good pace and there is only moderate taking if from the top (TITFing).

There is a bonus section where she does all six combos in a row, twice. She misses some cues in this portion, which caused me to miss a few steps.

The cooldown was designed by one of her background exercisers and is a fairly short dancy, latiny hi lo routine. I'll be skipping this completely, LOL.

The abs/core section is not too difficult, and has some moves I haven't seen before. It actually has a section where you do 3 or 4 things in a row, a combo for abs! Too complicated for me at the end of the step routine.

Final Verdict - KEEPER+ This is one I'll pull out every now and then until I can't step anymore.

Instructor Comments:
Gay is one of my ideal instructors. She cues well (my number one requirement). She's warm and friendly but doesn't chatter. Her form is impeccable.



Step is my favorite form of cardio, and I think I'm getting better at complex choreography. I would say that I am fairly advanced (not very) -- at the mid point of advanced. I began stepping with the Firm, moved on to Karen Voight and Kari Anderson, then to Cathe, and finally on to Seasun Zieger. I recently found Amy Bento, whom I love. Anyway . . .

Gay Gasper has got to have the crispest, cleanest form of any step instructor I've ever seen. She really is a pleasure to watch. In addition, her choreography in this workout is pleasantly complex -- not "make your head spin; what in heaven's name is she doing?" complex. She added the moves perfectly together until I got it without even realizing it. Her cuing is good; she tells the next move a little earlier than I'm used to, but there is always a period of adjustment with a new instructor's cuing.

The workout begins fairly simply and reminds an awful lot of Cathe with her mambo cha - cha's, which I happen to love -- I know some think that they're pointless. She also has a whole combo with a lot of shuffles on the step -- these are my absolute favorites! There are a few shuffles around the step -- the normal stuff put together in an interesting, fun way. I think that if powered up this workout could really get your heartrate up there and burn some calories (am I allowed to say that?). I think that some may think the ab work is not enough -- I thought it was pretty easy, but I liked the way she worked the obliques (I like oblique work, though). I'm not a fanatic about ab work; my abs are naturally flat -- it's my legs that need a LOT of work.

I wish that I could remember more of this workout -- I know I liked the music, and I liked the bonus that put all of the combos together. I'm keeping this -- it's pleasant and one that I'll look forward to doing.

Instructor Comments:
Gay is not overly chatty; she cues very well. She has crisp, clean moves.

Gretchen Cooper