CIA 2504: Jammin' 32's

Ann Marie Sill
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I have to agree with Wendy Chapin's review of this video. I really wanted to like this workout - the choreography was advanced and, put all together, fun to do. The problem I had was that she spent more time doing transition moves (basics and alternating knees) than she did breaking down some of the more complicated moves. It especially would've been nice to have more time on the moves taught with your back to the TV (she had a few off the front of the step, facing the back of the room). She definitely has potential!

Instructor Comments:
Ann Marie has a calm, easy manner and did well with her cueing.

Paige Waehner


When I previewed this workout, I thought I was going to love it! The choreography looked interesting and fun. Unfortunately, doing the workout was a different story...
The choreography in Jammin' 32s IS fun and interesting, but it is taught in a manner that makes the workout frustrating and boring. It's odd: Anne Marie puts WAY too many basic steps in between teaching an 8 count--there is no need for these basics; she could easily just repeat the move a few more times alternating sides. What makes this most frustrating is that the moves are clearly for people who enjoy complex (or at least moderately complex)choreography, but it is taught as if it is for people who have trouble picking up moves. But then again, it isn't! She cues a move well, but doesn't actually teach it--it's like she throws you a sort of complicated pattern, then puts at least five basics in, then throws it at you again on the other side... It's hard to explain. I think if she would just take the basics out she would have been a step closer to a workout that works. As it is, she won't appeal to beginners because the steps are too complicated and not really explained (even though the choreography level/pace is more beginner/intermediate); but she won't appeal to choreography junkies either, because the complex movements are separated with way too many basics. I am so annoyed, because stringing each combo together was really fun (new and innovative moves that I really, really enjoyed doing), but I won't have the patience to ever do this one again...

The ab workout on this one looked tough, too. I thought it was too easy, but for someone who is not used to Cathe type core work, it might be a good intro to pikes and side planks...

Instructor Comments:
Anne Marie is pleasant, calm, and professional. I hope she'll make a step workout that uses complex moves with much less breakdown (a la Kristen Kagen or Seasun Zeiger) soon!



I am so glad that I bought this on a presale. It's excellent! It's my favorite of the 2500 CIAs. The complexity, intensity, and repetition are right on for an advanced exerciser. The impact is lower, but she uses arms to keep the heart pumping. There are spins, but not as many as in Seasun's "TNS". Ann Marie was quite good about keeping the body balanced by doing moves on each side. Since this is her first video, I had lowered my standards. It's a pleasant surprise that she exceeded my expectations. But then again, you can tell she is an experienced instructor because she comes off so confidently when teaching.

The music is new, not recycled from another CIA; and it's good. The TIFT-ing is minimal, and felt like just the right amount to nail the moves. I really enjoyed this workout, and give it two thumbs up!

Instructor Comments:
Very fun, polished, confident, and motivating! I like her a lot. Perfect cueing. My fingers are crossed she makes another video. I think she might resemble Karen Voight in poise, but with more fun thrown in--however I don't have a KV video to compare with. The backup exercisers (including a modifier) were well-rehearsed with nary a misstep. Kudos!