CIA 9904: All Star Step

Sharon Money-Twombly, Michele Hanlon, Sue Neese
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This is so bad it could give you nightmares. If you want a good excuse NOT to work out, buy this. Otherwise, save your money. I don't usually write such totally negative reviews, but I'm sorry -- I can't stand this one.

Instructor Comments:
Their routines look fun -- too bad they don't teach them. Maybe their strong point is choreography and not instruction.

Annie S.


Sharon Twombly's step segment is circuit training, 35 minutes long and intermed/adv intensity. She has some really cool moves, but I don't they flow together to well. The toning portions of her segment are with high repetition/low weight; HR drops too much. The first toning portion is decline push-ups. you are coming from a "sprint" and drop to the floor(feet on the bench) for push-ups. This is a rather risky move, so I just fast forwarded thru the toning segment. Next, is Sue Neese.Her portion is 35 minutes long and intermediate intensity. The first time I tried her segment, I never finished it. But, the next try, I liked it quite a bit. she's not very motivating, but had some fun moves(most of them you've seen before) that flowed well together. Last, Michele Hanlon. Her cueing is terrible, but the routine is good. Her portion is also 35 minutes long. She doesn't break anything down(just dive in headfirst). She does many moves that we've all seen before(pivots, scissors, saches...etc.) but it still felt "new" to me. I think the video is one I will use again(especially on days when I can't do a "killer" workout). But I wouldn't want to pay $30 for it. Grade: B