CIA 8002: DCAC Stepping

Suzanne Olson, Mary Lee Kintner
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I like this video the more I do it. At first I thought the moves needed to flow together better; but the next time I did, I couldn't figure out why I thought that. First is the hi/lo. Nothing complicated about the choreography. Charles uses full range of motion to get the most out of this routine. I like the music(it's an old CIA sound track from CIA 6002) and the moves seemed to go well with it also ( which is kind of funky). Grapevines, side leg kicks, lunges, ham curls and lots of jumping make it fun and you can get the intensity higher by exaggerating them. The step segment is great. Charles sort of builds a combo, but it's a slow build (meaning he starts with a move which eventually turns into the combo move, but you don't get bored from doing the same move over and over). It has a few of my favorite moves in it: the scissors on the floor, shuffle repeater (that's a "Cathe term - I can't remember what Charles calls it), cha-chas and lots of jumping (there seems to be a theme here). I found it fun, but not complicated and a good cardio WO. There is a short ab section, but quality is not compromised - he really works it! I give the overall WO an A.

Instructor Comments:
I thought Charles cueing was qutie good. I also believe he must have been a dancer(or took dance lessons). He is graceful and dramtic.

This is one of the shortest and easiest CIA videos, and in my opinion, it's pretty disappointing. 8002 consists of a warmup, 40 minute step workout with weight intervals, a cooldown and ab work. The step intervals are not very well designed. The first one starts with a heel straddle and hop turn followed by a mambo. However, the hop turn doesn't gracefully connect with the mambo; you have to awkwardly turn the other way and switch feet. Another combo has the step vertical when it really should be horizontal; it's hard to tell which foot you should be on. The weight intervals aren't set up very well, either. On the first set, I can't figure out whether I'm supposed to be working my shoulders or back. I did this workout twice and can't get myself to like it. If you're interested in an intermediate step/weight interval workout, Arms and Abs of Steel 2000 with Webb/York/Richardson and CIA 5002 with Robert Sherman are both better than this. I hope CIA tries again at putting out a good intermediate video. Grade: C

Instructors Suzanne Olson and Mary Lee Kintner are likeable and enthusiastic. If only their choreography was up to snuff, I would have enjoyed working out with them.

Sue B