CIA 6005

Sharon Money-Twombly, Sandra Weston
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I happen to really love this video. It is super challenging and even the most advanced exerciser can make it as hard or easy as they would like.

The first section is with Sandra Weston and she and another personal trainer actually act as Greg Twombly's personal trainer. He starts out on the bike for a 5 minute warm up and then does 7 minutes of stretching. Then he hops back on the bike for his first 3 minute circuit workout. Then it's on to upperbody work with weights or the xertube, whichever you prefer, then pushups and ab work, then Greg hops on the slide for another 3 minutes of cardio, I don't have a slide so I used the treadmill, then it's on to more upperbody, lowerbody, abs and pushups, then Greg does some stepping intervals for 3 minutes getting tougher after each 30 seconds then he does lunges onto the step, dips off the step, more upperbody work and ab work, then Greg uses the jump rope for his next cardio workout, then onto more strength work, then it's on to callistentics for the final circuit. The ending section is 4 minutes of plyo moves and jumping rope that have you moving very fast and really gets your heart rate up. Then there is a 5 minute cooldown and stretch making it a 60 minute workout.

The next section is with Sharon Twombly where she has you do 4 different hi/low routines, very easy to learn and fun to do, she does that for 30 minutes.

The last section is alot like the first, it is a circuit workout but uses boxing moves mixed in with jumping rope for a very fun and fast paced workout. You do 3 minutes of each alternating for 10 rounds and it lasts 30 minutes.

I highly recommend this workout if you love the challenge of circuit type workouts, very fun and intense!!!

Instructor Comments:
I really like Sharon Twombly's workouts, she has a very fun personality and solid routines that never bore you. Sandra Weston can come up with very challenging routines in this tape and I really hope she makes more tapes.

Dawn Henson