CIA 6001: Dynamix

Lynne Brick
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I don't want to review the entire video. I just want to add my opinion about the hi/lo portion. Although I think a lot of the moves are "fun," these teach segments really slowed down my heart rate, and as the others said, a lot of time is spent teaching moves that just look cool, and don't do much for my heart rate. Also, there is a lot of high impact which bothered my knees a lot.

Abra Nardo-Carroll


This has the same format as 1-2-3 Workout, but not as tough (though still pretty advanced). The neat thing about 6001 is that each half-hour segment is divided into two separate combos, so you can choose to do just half of a segment, making this very versatile and easy to learn.

Lynne Brick is a very pleasing and professional instructor, with a Voight-esque body and form, but her dance choreography doesn't really turn me on. Instead of innovative new steps, she takes basic steps and adds corny embellishments like arm waving and hip grinding. I know she's just trying to have fun, but the goofing around doesn't do much for me. Also, as someone else said, the hi/lo needs a LOT of room. Lynne really excels, however, in the Body Bar/dumbell toning segment. Like Karen Voight, Lynne spices it up with simple dance moves like squatting back and forth while doing rows. I also like how she does brief stretches between sets. The first half of the toning works arms and legs; the second half concentrates on the abs and back. These would be great to alternate on different days if you're short on time. While I'm not big on the cardio, the strength workout alone is worth the price of the tape, and I'd like to see Lynne put out more strength workouts.
Grade: A

Sue B


This workout is two hours long. Phew! Lynn starts with hi/lo floor aerobics, switches to step, and finishes with a standing and floor toning routine utilizing the body bar. One person does use hand weights. What a workout. I love it! Again, the same superb cuing, and the great music. This workout is definitely for the advanced exerciser.

Pam Culpepper


This video stars Lynn Brick, and has three segments - aerobics, step, (each 35 minutes a piece) and a 30 minute toning section using a body bar. In the toning section, dumbells will work instead. The tape is awesome! You can get a workout alone from either the aerobics portion or step, or you can combine them for a super cardio workout. The aerobics portion is a blast - it took me a couple of times of rewinding the tape to learn the moves, but now that I know them it will be a long time before I become bored with them. I like the step portion, but not quite as much as the aerobics. However, the step portion is still fun, and a good workout. The toning portion has a good lower body segment. All portions of the tape are divided into two sections.

I recommend this a good video to buy - right now, its $19.99 from Collage Video, so you get three workouts for one price. I feel this tape is more for the advanced exerciser.

Kathy Lapinski


I have done this workout maybe ten times now, and although I
absolutely despised it at first, it's gotten a little better. The workout is separated into a warm-up, Hi/Low Floor, Step, and Total Body Conditioning. The floor aerobics are difficult for me to do simply because my apartment is not big enough. The step part is not difficult either, from a cardiovascular perspective, but it does have some tricky steps. My main problem with this video is that Lynne Brick puts all these fancy moves in the workout that don't really add to the difficulty or intensity (i.e., they don't raise the heartbeat); instead, the tricky moves just seem to be there to make you trip over your own feet. These moves are for the most part non-plyometric, but because she really doesn't do a very good job in cueing, I have some difficulty following her.

Despite these problems, I really like Lynne Brick in spite of myself. She's an extremely likeable instructor, and the music she uses is great.

Carolyn Sproule