Choreography 2 Go: Step

Marcus Irwin
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Step Aerobics

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If this had been my first step video from Marcus I probably would have been happy with it. The choreography is good and Marcus is great. However, I would never choose to this video before his other workouts.

This was his first choreography tape released (along with the hi/lo) and is a little different than his more recent tapes. The set is different - it looks like a concrete floor with a large very dark curtain for the background. The music is also from a previous CIA series, and I am sick of that music. There are no combo numbers in the corner and I got lost counting the combos. I think there were about 15 or 16 combos. The workout is approximately 60 minutes long and doesn't include a warm-up or cooldown.

I felt like I had seen most of the choreography before. In his later tapes, he uses many pieces from this workout and improves on it, so I would just prefer to do one of the later workouts, like Step Xpress or Step by the Numbers.

The one reason you might want to try this tape is you can get it for less money. It is still a fun workout and might be a great intro to Marcus if you don't want to purchase a full price tape.

Lisa C


This is an hour-plus of fun, complex step choreography that Marcus makes easy to learn. There is no warmup or cooldown, but he does start fairly simply at the beginning, so that could serve as a warmup. The workout is divided into 3 sections, each increasing in complexity, and the intensity is intermediate/advanced throughout. Marcus is a lot of fun, too -- at one point he falls off his step and cracks up over it. (But he manages to keep going without missing a beat!) The only bad thing about this tape is the sound quality -- it's really poor. You can hear Marcus and the music, but Marcus' voice is sort of muffled. It's not so bad, though, that I can't follow the workout. I recommend this to anyone who likes complex, athletic step (not dancy), and doesn't mind putting up with the poor sound. Grade A.

Annie S.