Charlene Prickett and the Bench Boys

Charlene Prickett
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

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At first I previewed this tape and didn't think I would like it but I did it today and I loved it! It is a vigorous, challenging tape with a little tricky choreography. I worked up a good sweat and stayed in my THR throughout, even during the cooldown. I loved the jokes and talk between Charlene and the boys. They seem to be very good friends as I have seen both guys in other Charlene tapes. I will have this tape in heavy rotation. It is long choreography which I like. There is one part where you go over and step up and down then switch legs. If you have the tape you know what I am referring to but just remember tap down! LOL This is one of the best step tapes I have done. Charlene's teaching is perfect for me. Another winner from Charlene. I give it an A++.

Instructor Comments:
In this tape, Charlene takes off her shirt revealing her magnificent figure. I swear I grow envious of her every day. She looks to be no bigger than a size 2.



One of my favorite intermediate step workouts ever. I did this tape so many times, and had a ball doing it. The music, the routine, even Eric and Lonnie, old Charlene pals, made this tape a lot of fun. I am a Charlene fan, but with all my new CIA's, Cathe tapes, she is on the back burner, but I know she will be upfront again soon.

Instructor Comments:
Charlene is chatty, but talks about nutrition and health. She is my age (early fifties) so I can relate to her. Very sweet and would love to have her as a friend.

maryann parker


I have several of Charlene's step videos, and I like this one best. A lot of her tapes have a significant portion of the class straddling the step, and I don't like that. Not only is it hard to watch TV facing sideways, but the straddle- steps are tougher for a short person like me (5') and I also think they're a little on the boring side sometimes. This workout has one section facing sideways (about 10-15 minutes), and it's not as bad as some of her tapes that have 20-30 minutes facing sideways.

The choreography is not complicated, although there are a few routines where you really have to concentrate to get the foot patterns and sequencing right. I use two risers for the workout, and at the end I know I've had a good, challenging aerobic workout. The aerobic section is about 40 minutes long, and there are both a warm-up and a cool-down, bringing the total length to 60 minutes. Charlene is good about stretching you out after her workouts, and at the end of this tape, I really need it.

Annie S.