Stretch & Mobility

Anne Hamblen

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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This is a 50 minute stretching video. Anne teaches the class consisting of a woman who is a yoga instructor and a man who is a karate instructor. The room looks like a doctor's office waiting room minus any furniture. She starts off with some breathing exercises and then on to some standing stretches to warm up all the muscles. The stretches are held nice and long. Most are from yoga - triangle pose, downward dog, bridge pose, cobra, and tree pose. Unlike most yoga videos I've done there is no relaxation pose at the end. No props are needed. She also shows many modifications. Anne gives excellent form pointers throughout the tape which I found very helpful. I also loved the background guitar music! I like this video a lot. I find the living arts yoga videos move too fast for me. There is nothing great to look at in this video, so I concentrate more on the music, her cues and t

Instructor Comments:
Anne is a personal trainer and very knowledgeable about stretching. She is quiet and serious, a little like Karen Voight.

Danielle S