Cardio Force

Anni Mairs
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I didn't find this one as tough as Jump Force, but it was still a good workout. The weights you use are light enough that you can alternate this with a heavy weight workout the next day or even the same day, and not overdo it. The set and general look/feel of this workout is much better than Jump Force. The outfits in Jump Force looked way older the the workout actually was for some reason, but that was not the case in this workout which had a much fresher look to it.

Instructor Comments:
One of the things some folks didn't like about Jump Force was the at times shrill whopping....that is not present in this workout.



The format is the same as other Force workouts-each move is done in one minute increments. Anni appears with 4 background exercisers. She does not have a beginner and an advanced modifier like she does in other Force workouts. I didnt find this as tough as Jump Force-maybe because of the jump rope segments, maybe because there is no advanced modifier to follow. I still got an awesome workout but just not as tough as Jump Force.

The set is white and was not distracting at all, the backgound exercisers are dressed in matching outfits w/ Anni's being different. Every 15 minutes an Exertion Chart comes up and then Anni and cast reappear in new outfits.

There are 3 15 minute cardio segments, the last being the toughest, and an 8ish minute ab routine that included some unique and effective moves IMO. The 15 minute cardio segments are not individually chaptered but really should have been. There is also a cooldown/stretch but I didnt do it. The entire w/o is about 60 min.

Annie does not "whoop" like she did in Jump Force. She is an excellent cuer! None of the moves are complicated in the least. It uses 1 lb dumbbells throughout with the option to "up the poundage" at certain points.

Some of the exercises include: upper cuts, side kicks on the step, L-step/over the step, V-steps on the step, squats, lunges, etc.

I liked this workout alot! But not as much as jumpforce. Its a great calorie burning sweaty workout and is relatively low impact/high intensity. The time FLEW by.

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I have done all of the "Forces" at least once at this point (except for the newest one) and I still have to say that Life Force remains my favorite by far. Here are my thoughts:

Cardio Force: Her newest one. I've only does this once, but it definitely felt (to me anyway!) the toughest of the ones I've done so far. The only thing I was NOT happy about was she showed no modifier, and since I'm a low impact woman, I found myself having to figure out modifications on my own (something I'm not generally so good at unfortunately!).

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Terri Hale