Buns of Steel Vol. 7: The Step Workout

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Step Aerobics

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I have just read reviews about the above mentioned tape with Tamilee Webb. I bought this tape in July/96 and I like it so much!!! It gives me the good 45 min. workout, a nice break from
my regular one hour daily walk. I really like Tamilee's style, and as far as the outfits who cares what the girls have on as long as it's a good instructional tape. Keep up the great tapes Tamilee - can I buy a few more - I've checked the dept. stores but have had no luck, this one is starting to get worn out so I'd like to replace it. Thank you

Caron Harker


6' warmup
29' step
3.5' cooldown
intermediate intensity and choreography

If you're relatively new to step, and are looking for a workout that won't take an hour, this might be your workout. Tamilee goes over the basics, and gives pointers on form. The choreography is straight forward (and I haven't gotten bored stiff with it over the years -- but I don't bore as easily as some). But as others have commented, the production values are very low budget. I personally have not noticed the sound quality problems that others have mentioned.

mel VF


About the worst production quality I've *ever* seen, but a solid, basic intermediate workout with some interesting arm variations. Spartan set and ugly aerobic garb, but OK for the budget-conscious. The sound quality is truly awful; it makes the wonderful Tamilee Webb sound like she lisps. Tamilee gives lots of form pointers throughout the workout and demonstrates proper stepping form in an informational segment.



As a FIRM disciple, I was expecting quality production like I get with the FIRM tapes. But this did not even reach Fonda production quality. I expected more from someone of Tamilee's caliber. This was my first Tamilee tape, and I honestly thought something was wrong with my VCR or that I had purchased a defective tape. I also thought Tamilee had a speech problem. It sounds like she lisps and I can't even understand part of what she is saying.

The music is upbeat, but garbled. The set is boring. And the outfits are pure CHEESE! I am not really into animal prints. Her fellow exercisers are not as fit and muscular as Tamilee or the FIRM crew. They are slender, but lack muscular definition.

However, Tamilee is an excellent instructor. I especially like the way she periodically mirrors the viewer. I have never seen this done on an exercise video and was pleased to see her incorporate this into her workout. I use this tape when I want an easy workout and need a rest between intensive weight training with the FIRM! It is a fun and easy-to-do tape that gives you an adequate workout. Advanced exercisers may want to add height to their step and do more propulsions to stay in target heart rate zone.

Amy Steppe