Buns Of Steel Step 2000

Tamilee Webb, Donna Richardson, Tracy York
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This is a 20+ minute step workout and then there is some intense toning using your step. Tamilee starts off with a fun warmup using the step and then she does the first aerobic step combination which is very hard to follow because Tamilee doesn't say what foot is what. I got confused at this point. The music is fun though. She is wearing a very very low cut Indigo one piece thong outfit. All three of them are wearing Indigo( jean blue colored) outfits which is nice to the eye. Tracy's section has some hops on the step and she does a better job on cueing. Donna's section is the best because her cueing is really good. The step section I would say is intermediate because a beginner might have trouble keeping up with some higher impact moves and turns. Even though the instructors say they are optional. The toning is all done using the step. Tracy starts off with lunging off the back of the step( the step is facing towards the tv). Then she does plies of the side of the step. She is dripping with sweat afterwards. She does a good job on cueing and giving form tips. But she does make a slight mistake and laughs it out. Then Tamilee takes over and does some intense stationary dips and lunges using the step. She also does squats too. Then she goes down and does some table work with your stomach on the step. Then Donna does more straddle type stepping with leg lifts. This got kinda boring to me. After all that work on the step, Tamilee does a very very nice cooldown with super upbeat music. This is a good solid lower body workout. You can use weights to make it tougher.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee has such a great motivating attitude but her cueing on the step needs help. She is much more relaxed in these 2000 series then her regular Buns of STeel video's. Her personality comes out more in these video's.

Tracy does a good job on form and cueing. She is always smiling and in a good mood.

Donna's step section was the my favorite because she does a great job on cueing.

Mandy Lee


These "Platinum Series" tapes are a vast improvement, both in exercise and production, over the older Buns of Steel series (which in my opinion should be avoided). Tamilee Webb, Tracy York and Donna Richardson (who steals the show) tag-team teach a step aerobics session, which on "Arms" is interspersed with brief upper-body intervals using small dumbbells. The aerobics are then followed with toning workouts - not quite Karen Voight, but adequate for beginners. Probably among the best of the discount-store stock, thanks to dynamic Donna.
Grade: B

Sue B


Buns of Steel 2000 for step is very effective in toning buns. It's more forbegineers/Intermediate level. Thighs of Steel 2000, however, was not aswell choreographed. But it still tones thighs in the later floor toningsession.

Annie Jen