New Buns of Steel 2 Beginners Step Workout

Leisa Hart

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Workout with Leisa Hart Workout

Warm-up: 5 minutes

Step aerobics: 30 minutes

Cool-down/stretch: 5 minutes

This tape would be excellent for a novice or beginner stepper because I feel it is really an instructional tape. Leisa Hart goes over each step, breaks down combinations, is very good at cueing, gives constant reminders and doesn't make you feel inferior for not being to keep up. The choreography, so to speak, is very basic. Leisa teaches a few steps and then does a combination and then teaches a few more and then does another combination and then puts everything together at the end. She teaches the following steps: basic; grapevine; alternate; A-step; over-the-top; L-step; knee alternate; and charleston. The camera focuses mostly on her feet so that the steps are clear. The arm movements are basic, mostly pumps of one type or another. Midway during the workout Leisa does a perceived exhertion heart-rate check.

Unfortunately, because this is such a good novice/beginner tape, this video will be quickly outgrown. I consider myself a beginner/intermediate exerciser and this video kept me in the low end of my target heart-rate zone although I can see that I could raise my heart-rate a little by putting a bit more power into my moves. It was great however, to see the steps broken down so clearly. I now have a much better understanding of what I should be doing in my other step videos.

I would rate this an A for the person who has never tried step and wants to understand the moves and for those who have never exercised and are intimidated by most videos. Anyone else would probably find this video boring and ineffectual.