Breakthru Cardio Step 2

Tracy York, Michelle Dozois
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Step Aerobics

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This video has a warmup, two combos, and a cooldown. Tracy and Michelle alternate teaching with Tracy going first. The breakdown is as follows:

10 minute warmup
27 minute step
3 minute cooldown

40 minutes total

They teach the warmup (which becomes combo #1), then combo #2. You run through combos #1 & #2 before you learn combo #3. Then you put all three together. A short cooldown follows.

Put on your thinking caps! Each combo seems to be more complex then the one before. Combo #3 was quite difficult for me to pick up. The triples around the step had me very confused! But, if you stick with it, this video can be a lot of fun.

What I like about this video:

*Creative Choeorography

*Very little breakdown

*I felt I got a great workout in a short amount of time

*Michelle and Tracy are really pleasant

What I don't like but doesn't really bother me:

*The set is dark and kind of techno looking

*Music was average

*On some of the moves, I did wish there was a bit more breakdown

This video is best suited to an experienced stepper who likes a challenge!

I give it a B+

Instructor Comments:



I recently purchased breakthru Cardio Step 2. If I could ask for my money back, I would do so immediately. This video is just awful. First, if you are not in a dark room, you can hardly see it because the director tried to give it some Disco lightning, which made this video very dark. Second, the girls use just too many taps in their chory. In fact, the choreography is just full of taps, as we used to do in the 80ís. This makes it very difficult to follow if you are not constantly stopping and rewinding, and still very poorly cued. The moves do not develop from basic moves, they are explained first, and you are expected to understand what they want you to do next. Then the moves are thrown at you with all these taps in between. I have read about people criticising Andre Houle, G-Force, Marcus Irwin or even Christi Taylor (which I personally think are fabulous instructors with great videos) They should just have a run on this video to see what terrible really means. I am a Step instructor in Europe teaching step for many years. I use video tapes to get some inspiration for my advanced step classes since I do not have the time to attend too many conventions. I enjoy innovative choreography, which is fluid, fun to teach in a group while keeping your class moving, and save. This tape cannot serve this purpose. Sorry I cannot write anything nice about Breakthru CD2, but Tracy and Michelle are two very charming ladies trying their best but in spite of what the producers want you to believe, I will not want to do this video over and over again.

Oscar Schwarz