Stretch And Tone

Victoria Johnson
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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The video starts out with a few minutes of rhythmic movement to loosen up your upper body. That is about it for the upper body stretch. You will feel it in your back, but biceps, triceps & shoulders are all neglected. I do like the movements though; it does feel good.

Next are some wide squat style stretches while rolling up with your back. Then some side stretches that feel great on my back & sides. Then down to the floor for a runner's style stretch. This is the only stretch your quads get, but I prefer a different quad stretch since this one seems targeted towards the hip flexors more. She then has more side stretches with your legs spread far apart, but doesn't focus much on the inner thigh, so I lean forward at the end when she is lifting her arms up & down to feel it more.

There is a hip stretch that is similar to a sitting yoga spinal stretch, but Victoria does one side twice. I barely noticed it. The hamstrings are stretched very well and this section is probably the most thorough. Afterwards there is a short spinal twist to each side with both legs together. Then back up to standing and moving the arms around & swaying as the video began.

I love the music overall. It reminds me of what you may hear in a Karen Voight video. The room is on the dim side, but Victoria is easy to see. The lighting has a softness to the setting that matches well with the music.

I would suggest this video if looking for the stretching style that has rythmic movement. It is good, but there are other stretching videos I'd recommend over this one.

Instructor Comments:
She has a soft voice & is encouraging. She often reminds the viewer on form. Also gives some advice such as stretching to get the shape of muscle you'd like.