Stretch & Flex

Denise Austin
Year Released: 1989

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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This video has been out a while, but it offers a very nice stretch. Not yoga, but very calm and relaxed. She's not hyper bouncing off the walls, but she's still Denise. She pretty much talks monotone through the stretches and you get a pretty good stretch in about 40 minutes. I do this one when I feel like doing a long stretch that's not yoga ...not very often, but this is definitely a keeper in my collection! Mine came in a Hit the Spot 3 vhs set several years ago, but I think it's been released several times with different covers.

Instructor Comments:
Happy and very calm for Denise, yet not boring.

Susanna (smith938)


This 1989 production is the only Denise Austin video I own. It is a nice 29 minute stretch. She holds the stretches for a decent amount of time. She does the workout barefoot, but I keep my shoes on. I like this one, but don’t do it as often as my other stretch/yoga videos. There’s a part in the middle where she holds her leg out in front of her and it’s too hard for me.

The quality of the video recording is not the best. Fairly grainy. The music is “new age”. It is only Denise and the set is very plain.

Instructor Comments:
Denise is very quiet, serious and sincere in this one. Like a fifth-grader earnestly giving a book report in front of class.



A good quality tape with a relaxing atmosphere. It gives you a full body stretch & the more you do it the more flexible you get. I don't end up with any kinks in my neck the next day after I do this tape.

I think this is a tape for beginners,intermediate or advanced workouts. While I am not a favorite of Denise's other tapes, I find that I stick with her stretch & flex tape. It gives you a good full body stretch in 30 min. and I feel good when done with the tape. This is the only stretching tape I do on a regular basis.



This is the only Denise Austin tape I have. On this tape, sometimes her cueing leaves a little to be desired, but it's not bad at all. And besides, since it's a stretch tape, you can't get too far behind, right?

This is 30 minutes of relaxing stretch. Denise includes several uncommon stretches that other instructors neglect. For example, there are hip rolls, ankle rolls, a stretch for your outer calves (nice!), and some others. I really enjoy doing this. The one thing keeping me from giving it an A+ is that I'd like for some of the stretches to be a little longer -- so I'll give it an "A" instead.

Annie S.