Fit for Golf Fit for Life Series

Mindi Boysen
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Sports Specific Training

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I would consider myself a low intermediate, and these videos are just right for me. They would also be perfect for a beginner. I think an advanced exerciser looking for specific moves to improve his/her golf game could also benefit. Mindi shows modifications to make each exercise harder.

I've been doing these for two weeks, and when I went to the golf range last weekend, I could tell my back had really opened up and I could go a lot further in my backswing. My husband did just the flexibility workouts last summer, and he felt they really improved his game.

What I like the most about these workouts is that they are doable and yet still challenging. They aren't intimidating because they are broken into 15 minute segments, but I find many of the moves challenging, particularly the core ones. Also, I feel like when I do them, besides doing moves that will improve my golf game, I improve my overall fitness. Each workout hits all your muscles, so even if you do only one, you've worked your whole body. Also, I don't get a hardcore cardio workout while doing these, but I do get my heartrate up.

If I were going to sum up the style of the videos, I'd say a cross between Tony Horton and Core Secrets, with more of an emphasis on the core. However, like Tony, Mindi packs a good workout into a short amount of town.

There are three videos total. DVD 1 uses only your body weight and there are three fifteen minute workouts and a fourth workout which includes a pregame stretch to memorize and use on the course (I really like this). The first workout is flexibility. This is not a relaxing/stretching video however. While it starts with head rolls, by the end of the fifteen minutes, your heartrate is up. Some of the moves include knee lifts, diagonaly hand/toe touches, spinal twists etc. The second workout on this video is strength, and again you work each muscle. Exercises include squats, lunges, pushups, ab and lower back work. The third workout is stability posture, and includes a lot of pilates/core work.

Video Two uses a heavy ball and there are two fifteen minute workouts. The first is standing dynamic work and includes exercises such as figure 8s and around the world. The second video is on the floor and focuses on core doing things like roll ups.

Video Three uses a stability ball, and like video two it has two fifteen minute workouts, one standing and one on the floor. The standing one had exercises like woodchops, some rotational moves for the back, and some balance moves. The second video includes planks with your feet on the ball, hands on the ball, pushups on the ball, etc.

I plan on doing these until golf season starts this spring. I'll post an update then and let you know if it helped.

Instructor Comments:
I really like this instructor. She's dynamic and very thorough in her instruction. She pays a lot of attention to teaching proper form. She talks a lot, but what she's saying is relative, so it isn't annoying like some instructors that are chatty.