Sports Stretching

Linda Shelton
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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This is as 50 minute total body "Active Isolated Stretching" program.

The set is modern nothing special. The music is low nothing special. Linda instructs by herself on a mat.

Equipment:Linda uses a harbinger rope for stretching. You could easily use a dyna band or yoga strap.

The active isolated stretches are done one muscle at a time repetively 5 to 10 times, increasing the stretch a little further each time which helps muscles to relax. This technique is different than bouncing or the stretch and hold method.

Linda starts with the lower body first done on the mat and than progresses to the upper body in standing poses.

I thought this workout was different than other stretching programs. I thought this workout was thorough and precise in isolating the muscles to be stretched. Linda instructs and explains why these stretches are good and needed and for what sports they would be useful in.

This workout is different than Tamilee's and Karen's stretch workouts. This workout doesn't have the scenery as in Tami's. However Linda's voice is calm. The active isolated stretches is what is different. Its a different way of stretching. In the end your body will feel more flexible and relaxed.

Instructor Comments:
Very friendly and knowledgeable. Calm demeanor. A true professional.