Time Life Medical: Stress & Anxiety

Year Released: 1996

Categories: Special Health Conditions

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This tape is designed to provide a light aerobic workout paired with a Westernized yoga-style stretch and relaxation segment to reduce stress and promote a sense of mental well-being.

The informational segment of this video describes the body's biological responses to stress of all kinds, and how exercise can prevent stress-related responses from harming the body over time. It also describes in detail how to take your pulse and how to determine workout intensity based on a modified perceived exertion scale.

The instructors:

  • Fitness in Motion I:John Shropshire, AFAA, Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant
  • Fitness in Motion II:Valerie DePena, ACE, PT
  • Cool Down:Leora Myers, RN, Fitness Consultant.
  • Mind & Body Relaxation: Nancy Gillette

The beginner-level workout starts with a gentle, 10 minute warm up and stretch, with various stretch modifications shown for the less flexible exerciser. The two light aerobic sections (25 min. total), entitled "Fitness in Motion", are full of basic, easy-to-follow moves like marches, step touches, demi squats, and side steps. They help you to work off some of that stress and warm the muscles to prepare for the relaxing stretches and poses in the Mind & Body Relaxation section.

After the cool down, Nancy Gillette moves you through a series of modified yoga poses, and two of the exercisers do variations supported by a pillow. The poses are not at all intimidating. Nancy really shines--she was an excellent choice for instructor of this section. Her years of experience are evident in her cuing, and her manner itself is relaxing.

The other instructors are enthusiastic and friendly, though I got a bit tired of Valerie chirping "take it from the tippy tippy top" while patting her head. Still, this video would be a good choice for someone who wants a light workout with a significant relaxation component.