Priscilla's Lower Back Repair Kit

Priscilla Patrick
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Special Health Conditions , Yoga

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I purchased Priscilla Patrick's video from their web page ( and received it about 7 weeks later. I have seen this video at amazon as well and I think I would try them first. The video has two sections. The first is extremely easy, but relaxing. I think it is for someone who is currently suffering back pain. The second section is more challenging with back stretches and ab work. Here's the description from the box:

LESSON ONE, approximately 18 minutes includes a soothing relaxation and stress reducing series and over nine gentle exercises to ease lower back discomfort.

LESSON TWO, approximately 20 minutes, contains over a dozen different exercises that will increase muscular strength in the lower back, buttocks and abdominals as well as bring greater range of motion and flexibility to these areas."

There is also a section at the end which gives modifications for those who cannot perform some of the movements. For those interested in her videos, there was an 800 number on the video box: 1-800-383-8811.

Instructor Comments:
Priscilla Patrick has a daily 30 minute yoga program on PBS. She seems to be very caring and her instruction is thorough. Priscilla personally emailed me when I had trouble with my order.

Windy H.


This video consists of two 20-minute lessons, one to stretch your back, the other to strengthen it. You can do them separately or together. She covers all the yoga positions that target the back: three versions of the cobra, the angry cat, swan, childís pose. All the work is done on the floor Ė there are no standing poses and itís definitely a beginning-level yoga video. Her instructions are very clear and she has a voice thatís soothing and matches the mood of the video (no whooping here Ė no music, either). Both her routines alternate flexion and extension poses so that the back isnít in one position for too long and the workout is balanced. Priscilla makes it very clear that this is YOUR workout and to modify as needed, letting pain be your guide. She promises progress, which Iím not sure is something that can be promised, but itís reassuring anyway. I enjoy doing this video, and the lessons are short enough that I can just tack one onto the end of another workout or do it just before bed.

The only thing I would criticize is that there is no introduction, it just starts right off with Lesson One. She includes modifications to some of the poses at the end of the video, but I had to do the whole video first before finding that section. I would have put them at the beginning, or included an intro mentioning the fact that they were there. Also, I would have appreciated just a short description of different back problems and which positions would have to be modified for what problem.

This is the most expensive single video Iíve ever purchased ($28 + shipping & handling); but because of the length of the lessons and ease of the routines, itís also one I do the most often. I like it better than Rodney Yeeís Back Care Yoga by Living Arts because the movements are much slower paced and there is almost no twisting of the upper body and torso (those moves bother my back).

Instructor Comments:
Priscilla Patrick has produced a no-frills yoga video that targets the lower back. I thought she was very encouraging in her demeanor and precise in her instructions. Her visualizations also helped. Her voice is soothing Ė usually Yoga videos rely heavily on music or scenery to provide that soothing meditative aspect, but there's no music or Hawaiian beaches here.

Jackie D


A great yoga video. Clearly presented, easy to do, and very effective. It is designed for individuals with back problems; the first lesson is mostly gentle stretching, and the second lesson incorporates easy (but very effective) strengthening exercises. Priscilla is very encouraging and realistic, insisting that one stay within one's comfort zone at all times.

I don't have serious back problems myself, but just happened to check this video out from the local public library. After doing the routine only three times my posture was amazingly better, so I purchased a copy for myself.

After lending a copy to my massage therapist (who has back problems from two car accidents) she absolutely had to get a copy for herself, she found it so effective.

This video does a fabulous job of strengthening and stretching the back without intimidating or burning one out. It is not a complete body workout, but could be a great addition to ones routine.

I'm in my early forties, and have studied Tai Chi for the last five years. When I was in my twenties and thirties I trained in Japanese Karate. At this point in my life I am seeking out moderate, relaxing, sustainable routines. I've viewed and used a number of yoga videos, and this is one of the best I've seen. Priscilla has a number of other yoga videos available, most of which I haven't seen yet. For more information, visit Priscilla's web site at

Instructor Comments:
Priscilla Patrick is gracious and reassuring, and has a good sense of humor. She also looks fabulous, yet is obviously over forty. In one of her recent newsletters she noted that she had passed her 55th birthday! She is a very inspiring role model.

Leslie H.